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  1. Hello all!

    I'm new so pls forgive me if im asking something which has already been asked. I've tried the search function but not sure if i'm using it properly :confused1:

    I'm thinking of buying the vernis alma pm but not sure which colour to get. Unfortunately there is no LV boutique where i live so im going to have to buy online. You can't really tell from the pics online. They all look nice but HELP!!!

    Also wanted to get the key & change holder in vernis but same problem about deciding colour. I own a few LVs but none in vernis. Is it easy to look after and will it last?

    Thank you in advance .xx
  2. For the bag amarante is my favorite and for the cles I would get a pomme. Pomme is being discontinued so no idea how much longer it will be around. A bright color is great for those SLGs, so much easier to find at the bottom of your bag! Good luck deciding, you really can't go wrong with anything vernis!
  3. I prefer the Amarante too! But I really like the Bleu Nuit too. I have an Alma Pm in Amarante, but I have to say the fingerprints annoy me a bit... But it's a beautiful bag and colour!
  4. I love all of the colors out now! They are so gorgeous! If you are hard on your bags, I would recommend the Blue Nuit or the Amarante (also if this is your everyday bag I would suggest going with those colors). If you want a neutral color (if your wardrobe is loud or you wear a lot of colors of prints) I suggest the Gris Art Deco. If you are really feminine and want a bag that you could take out to lunch or shopping every once in a while, go with the Rose Florentin. Hope this helps! :biggrin:
  5. Pomme vernis Alma :yes:
  6. I'd get Amarante!
  7. Gris art deco - I started liking the alma after i saw it in Gris and pomme. However i do not see the Alma PM in the website in Pomme.
  8. Thank you. I do like pomme but not sure if i've got the guts to buy it in that colour. I'm one of those women who plays it safe and sticks to darker colours but deep down i really want it! should i get the bag and cles in the same colour or different colours?

    think im going to opt for a darker colour for the bag.

    are vernis products easy to maintain? will it scratch easily or will the varnish come off?
    also, as im having to buy online, i cant tell whether the leather is quite rigid and structured or flexible. Looking at some of the pics of the SLGs, it looks like some of them are padded underneath. Is that the case?

    forgot to mention, im quite petite so will the pm be the right size for me?

    thanks again!
  9. I think the PM size should be perfect for you. I love the Alma PM in Bleu Nuit or Amarante. I find vernis to be quite a bit more durable than you would think! You don't need to match your accessories to your bag color, in fact it's a lot of fun to enjoy the vernis colors that you wouldn't purchase in a bag, in the smaller leather goods, like the Cles. If you like the Pomme, I would get the cles in Pomme before the color is gone, it's really gorgeous! Also, the combination of Amarante and Pomme looks really nice together. Good luck with your decision!
  10. It sounds like amarante would work for you! Good luck!
  11. thanks guys. will let you know when i've ordered. xx
  12. I totally agree. :biggrin:
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    Last edited: Feb 18, 2010
    If they actually made the PM in Pomme, I'd definitely say get that - but sadly they don't (yet?). I recently bought Alma PM in Bleu Nuit, but that was only because I already have another bag in Amarante and didn't want two the same color. Amarante is an absolutely GORGEOUS color, I don't know anyone who doesn't like it (the only drawback is that it does show fingerprints more than other colors)

    ...I'm completely obsessed with vernis by the way - my goal in life is to have at least one bag in every vernis color...I have a LONG way to go though!
  14. Welcome to tPF, you'll love it here!! As for Almas, Id go with Amarante, but thats me, being a fan of the brown/red/purple-family.
    Are you more of an ocean-colour girl, Bleu nuit is stunning also...

    Good luck, and be sure to post pics!!!