help!! New to Marc by Marc, question about Beth!

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  1. I have a question about the beth satchel (this one in particular):
    MARC by Marc Jacobs -  Beth Double-Pocket Satchel, Black -  Neiman Marcus

    Is the leather really soft? Is it pretty roomy? Can it only be carried by hand, or does this bag have a shoulder strap? And lastly, is it heavy, or light? Sorry for all my questions, but I'm new to marc by marc...

  2. hi there :smile: welcome to the MJ board! the beth satchel is from 2005, i believe...mello.yello.jen is your resident expert on MbyMJ, so she can prob. confirm the release.

    i've tried on the beth style. i wouldn't say it's heavy, but then, i carry around a couple of MJ bags that weigh a LOT! it's slightly heavier than the MbyMJ turnlock line (which is really light), but lighter than most of his MJ Collection bags, if that helps at all. the leather isn't super soft like the turnlock line or the soft calf collection has a slight coating on it to keep it structured, which does take away from the softness a bit...but i've heard that that mellows with time & the bag will soften up a bit.

    there is not a shoulder strap for this bag - strictly handheld. as for the size, i think it's quite large for a'd have no problem fitting most anything in the beth!

    HTH :smile:
  3. I agree with everything that shoppingsmycard said.

    However I found that the leather is very stiff, not soft at all. I dont know if it gets less stiff but I didnt like it =/
  4. jen, you're right - i recall it being quite stiff as well.....i remember "hoping" that it would soften with use :smile: i think it would probably mellow out a little, but it's never going to be as buttery soft as most of us prefer :smile:
  5. Thanks for all your replies!! I don't think I'm going to get it...I dislike stiff bags, lol, so I think I'm going to try another m by mj bag or even a bag from MJ collection. thanks again!