Help! New to Chloe...

  1. Hi All,

    I'm about to make my first chloe purchase and I'm not sure which to pick. It will be the paddington east/west design and my choices are either blanc or chocolat. This is going to be my only chloe :graucho: (I hear you laughing now)... No, I really mean it , because I'm a devoted Balenciaga fanatic and I really don't need another obsession :crybaby:

    So anyway, please help me choose the one that will be the most gorgeous and eyecatching!:nuts:
  2. Both are lovely colors!!

    I favor blanc personally, but my choco is wondermous too. I think blanc really "pops" though :wlae:

    You can't go wrong either way.
  3. Hi Lenabean!

    I bought a Chloe recently and I LOVE it! A huge Bbag fan myself! So excited for you!
  4. Im a huge paddy fan. I have an 05' choco, the color is so great!
  5. I would also choose the blanc, just like hmwe I have many paddingtons and I carry my craie (05 cream) the most:heart:
    But dont get me wrong, chocolate is beautiful and many people favor it over cream colours:yes: Both are gorgeous options so you cant go wrong!
  6. ^ I agree with Sonja!:yes:

    I wouldn't be able to choose....the colours sound like coffee and cream...ahhh they go so well together!:graucho:
  7. This one is so easy for me

    No one does chocolate quite like Chloe! It is incredible! And since you won't be able to stop at just one:graucho: get blanc next!:P
  8. I would say both, but for practicality reasons, I recommend CHOCOLATE! As Jag said, No one does Chocolate as well as Chloe. It is absolutely scrumptuous and delicious! YUMMY!!!
  9. They are both lovely Chloe colors. What would go best with your wardrobe? Are you more into light or dark bags? I :heart: darker colored bags so my choice would be ~Chocolate! ;)
  10. chocolate! it is such a beautiful shade that chloe does so well. :drool:
  11. They are both gorgeous colors for Chloe Paddington. If you will be using the bag a lot, then stick with the chocolate, because light color bags tend to show signs of wear and dirt more easily. However, if you do not have a white bag, then have at least one, and choose the white or cream color if that pleases you better.
  12. I say go for the blanc!
  13. Welome Lenabean, there are many of us who have both Baleniaga and Chloe here.
    This is a really tough choice as both are beautiful but I have to say the blanc.
  14. Here is a pic of blanc and choco next to each other.

    I have to say that there is something about the way the chocolat dye sinks into the leather that makes it very rich and luscious.

    But I adore blanc most of ALL :love:

  15. I had the same difficulties choosing between these 2 as well. Ended up with chocolate for practical reason... and I agree w Jag - fans won't stop at 1 and I am going to get the lighter colour the next time round... :smile: