Help--new to chanel

  1. Can you ladies suggest something?

    I would like to purchase my first chanel in black or navy. Something not too large and under $2,000.

    I also have so many logo bags (LV and Gucci) I would like something either with no logo or something with a somewhat subdued logo.

    Any suggestions? Pictures would help too.

  2. Without knowing the style or need for the purse, I'm going to say timeless clutch, the east-west bag (although it's considered small), there are some totes that are going to be a few hundred dollars more. There are going to be other suggestions from the members. It would help narrow down recommendations if we knew what occasion you plan to use the bag. Are you looking for a daily schlepper, or something dressier, or a bag that fits either category. You may want to browse through the pics in the forum and see what strikes you. Beware it's addictive; so many choices.
  3. what type of bag?
    Structured or not, arm or shoulder, etc. . .

    off hand I think of the Medallion or the Petit Shopping Totes.
  4. Looking for everyday bag.

    Most of my bags are shoulder but I can go hand held to.

    I've been drooling over the bags you ladies have!
  5. to stay under $2k including tax, I would recommend the Petit or Grand sopping totes - AKA PST and GST, Cambon or the Medallion. Most other totes will be over $2k w/ tax.
  6. Thank you. I can't wait to get looking!