HELP!!!! New to chanel!!! anyhelp would be appreicated!!! :)

  1. Hi every1!!! We are an LV family but lately my mother and sister have been lusting after some chanel so I decided to sneak ont he forum to findout what I should get them for xmas. My sister likes small to medium bags and mom likes medium to large bags. They love the quilted leather (caviar or cambon I belive?) and I convinced my mom not to buy it but I plan on surprising them for xmas, any ideas? my moms into black very much and like large, sis is into anyting small to medium. thanks!!!!

    Pics would be excellent as well! thank you ladies!!!
  2. thank you so much!!!!
  3. A starting point could be the Shopping Totes in Caviar leather.
    Caviar leather is Chanel's most durable, your Mom could have the Grand Shopping Tote and your sister might like the Petit, they both come in several colors so they could be different colors if you wanted.