Help - New to Chanel and more confused after reading so many threads


May 8, 2008
I am due for 2 new LVs from hubby soon but I've been drooling and salivating over the classic flap that I will just have to channel the funds for 2 LVs into a classic flap! My first ever to be Chanel! I have been reading believe me and have come away more confused than ever. I'm only interested in the classic flap, not the re-issue or 2.55 -

My questions are -

Sizes - I read about a Maxi somewhere. Is this a limited edition? Is it a size for the re-issue 2.55? Does it still exist? The sizes I know are M/L and jumbo. And a smaller one but not interested in small bags at this point.

Colors - What colors are permanent? As opposed to limited editions or seasonal?

True or False - M/L size comes in single flap and double flaps

True or False - Jumbo will come out with double flaps and will phase out single flap

Leather - Interested only in caviar at this point because of 2 small kids around, but just for my education - is patent leather on the classic flaps limited editions?

Where to buy - I live in the Washington DC/Alexandria Va and Neiman Marcus is around - is this the best place to buy

Does Chanel ever go on sale

Price - what is current price for M/L, jumbo and maxi

Any photos you may share with a M/L and Jumbo and maxi all together will be greatly appreciated!



Jan 28, 2009
Sizes - Maxi is a classic flap. It is larger than the Jumbo. The maxi we know today was first made for Fall 09 collection.

Colors - The only permanent colors are Black and Beige Clair (light beige) all others are seasonal.

False - M/L is always was double flap.

True - Double Flap Jumbos were introduced this season and will be the norm unless Chanel changes it again.

Leather - patent leather is seasonal on Classic Flaps.

Where to buy - I don't live in your area so I don't know.

Does Chanel ever go on sale - Some sesonal bags will go on sales in Fall & Summer. Classics never go on sale. VERY RARE to almost never a seasonal color might.

Price - M/L 3400 Jumbo 3700 Maxi 4000

Photos - try checking refernce library.


Dec 14, 2010
Charlottesville, VA
You can go to the Neiman Marcus at Tyson's Galleria. I've called several times today to inquire about a couple of diff bags, but they said they were so busy all day long that I said I'd call when they weren't quite so busy. You can also call, or go to, since you're pretty close, the Chanel store in the mall. I called to have them send me a bag, but was really annoyed when they said they could only use a credit card that had the same shipping and billing address! That's just crazy!! I live out in the countryside of Charlottesville and use a PO Box for bills. The Neiman Marcus and Chanel in California had no problem with any of my credit cards. Soooo annoying, but, hey, I save $$$$ that way. I'll just call Texas, California or Neiman Tyson's Galleria to get what I want.


Feb 11, 2011
Like Rneighraven mentioned, there are 2 Chanel boutiques at Tyson's Galleria- one is inside the Neiman Marcus and the other is a stand-alone boutique. Both stores sell items on sale, but items on sale may not be ones you are interested in. If you know exactly what you're looking for, you can always talk to an SA, who can show you items that are in stock, but not on the shelves.

Both Nordstrom and Saks sell Chanel, also. So although they do not sell Chanel at their stores at Tyson's, you can ask an SA for availability at one of their other stores, and if it's available, it can be shipped directly to you for a fee.

Neiman Marcus Last Call (Neiman Marcus's outlet store) is at Potomac Mills in Woodbridge VA, and occassionally there are Chanel items there.

Also... if you like to see bags in person, the Saks at Chevy Chase MD and at Stony Point in Richmond VA both have Chanel boutiques.

Hope this helps :biggrin: