Help - new to BE - are these sale prices good???

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  1. Hi all - popping over from HH land - am dying to try a BE bag, but haven't had time to do any real research, other than to know that I'm loving the plum and choco crash leathers. Are the 30% off prices considered really good, or do better prices come along? Also, I heard that plum crash is going away - true?

    TIA for enabling me!! :tup:
  2. The 30% is the only sale BE has other than the occasional sample sale but she had one not long ago so it will most likely be a long time before another SS happens. I don't think they even have many bags left and some leathers aren't available anymore (or at least not for Spring) so if there's something you've been dying for, I'd grab it!
  3. 30% is a great sale!
    welcome to BE!
  4. Yes, BE bags don't tend to go on sale too often. You might find an occasional one-of style here and there but this is a good opportunity if you find something you love. The TME, TME midi and Hug Me all seem to be quite popular and there are still some left if you are interested. Good luck!
  5. I say jump in! There is no better time:smile:
  6. Also I think these 30% prices are better/comparable than second hand prices for BE bags on ebay and the bonus is you're getting a new bag! It's a win win
  7. Yes purple crash is not being produced next season..
  8. Thanks everyone! I did it - took the BE plunge w/a TME in plum crash. Yummy - so excited!!! :yahoo:
  9. ooh, congrats!!! you are getting one of the very last bags left in this leather, which is to die for, I totally assure you. Yay!
  10. I purchased my first bag using the code "newbie" for 40% off (only valid for your first bag purchase, and this was in December, so I'm not sure if it's still valid)