Help! ? new skin care


Nov 19, 2006
I know this is a generalized question but I'm pretty much running out of everything as far as skincare is concerned. I want to try something new and have been trying to decide: Murad, Yonka, clinique, estee or neutrogena. I am 47 with I would say not a lot of wrinkles but redness and to me sagginess! Any help is appreciated. BTW I was thinking of Murad because of their line for perimenopausel woman (not sure if I spelled that right!)
Hi Lorebunde! You're about the same age as my aunt & Kinerase products (available in Sephora) gave her great results. My mom on the other hand is a loyal user of Clarins product. She particularly like the Extra-Firming Day & Night creams as well as the Eye Contour Balm.

Hope it helps,
Also.. I know that MD Formulations has a little kit for "adults" I think it might be called something like "look how your feel not your age??" or something? I like that line.. and if you buy the kit it gives you enough for about a month to try it out. Murad has something like that, too. good luck!
Thanks so much for the suggestions! There's so many to chose from. I guess its just trial and error. What works for some, does'nt for others. I forgot about the chanel. I've heard good things about their skincare line.
I have just started using the Decleor range and I find it brilliant so far. My skin is prone to breaking out with certain products, but decleor has not caused this. they all smell divine too! xx