[Help] New School Bag / Book Bag.

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  1. I want to purchase a new bookbag for my upcoming life in university.
    I'm interested in LV Randonnee GM in Red Epi and also Noé in Red Epi. (I'm kinda obsessed with Epi leather haha)
    Tell me what you think and what I should pick?
    Andddd, any other cool option? :]
  2. Noe, definitely. Imo, it's much more feminine and practical. :smile:
  3. Thanks for your answer.. I love Noe much much but I have a feeling that it may be too small to stuff big fat college books in :sad: in the other hand the randonnee is HUGE but I could not agree more that Noe has more feminine loooking.

    What would other people think? Is Noe too small or it is big enough?
  4. You can choose large over petit.
  5. I think neverfull is best for school. Epi bags are already heavey. Add textbooks and that's no bueno. To be honest I would save your back and just get a regular non lv backpack for carrying books. Putting school books in messengers / shoulder bags really messes up your back. Not the most fashion forward choice but that's what I think.
  6. I had to google the LV Randonnee GM! I like it cause its unique (to me at least lol). Can that be used as a backpack, or only a shoulder sling? It seems to be more 'school bagish' than the noe!

    If you'd like another option, I'm waiting on my delightful gm :biggrin: also planning on using that for school!
  7. I don't think putting heavy books into an epi bag is a good idea.. Seems like it could crack on the noe too
  8. Thanks for your answer... I already considered about it but I really want to get an LV bag for my upcoming bday as well as new life in UK :P Neverfull is awesome but I wish they came in Epi leather :sad:
  9. Yes! that's one of the reasons why I love Randonnee.. IT CAN BE USED IN BOTH WAYS... how awesome is that :graucho: and wow Delightful GM is a beautiful bag but is it big enough for books? I'll add it in my list! Thanks much girl!
  10. Really? :sad: That's such a bad news for me.. I never purchased anything in epi leather so I don't know whether it could hold heavy books like college books or not :faint:
  11. The part where the leather bunches up at the top would worry me.
  12. I have to go with Noe here... Tho I never carry an Epi Noe but I used to carry Large Mono Noe all my university years. And it was waaay back then when all the books were giganticly heavy yet my Large Noe survived those years with flying colors, no harm done and no repairs needed up to today :smile: I guess Epi Large Noe would be too, well at least I hope it would ;) Good luck and happy studying!
  13. That really is awesome :P I have a soft spot for bags which can be used in more than one way! The Delightful GM is definitely big enough for books! It fits my 13" Macbook Pro, with alot of space to spare ;) You're welcome, glad to be of help!