HELP New Mulberry Leather? Bayswater backpack in oak

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  1. Hi guys

    I'm not an expert on Mulberry so need some help. I just bought a Bayswater backpack in oak (it says small classic grain leather) as I've needed a backpack for a while. Now, I'm really concerned about the leather, it seems to be treated and feels spongy and although it seems like it would be scratch resistant and rain proof - it's nothing like my Antony in oak which is a natural leather and has developed a beautiful shiny patina (although susceptible to scratches and rain marks). What I love about Mulberry oak is the way it ages and patinas. I'm worried that i'll be permanently disappointed with this new backpack if it doesn't patina and develop character over time!?

    Could anyone help me understand what this new leather is and how it may age, most importantly will it develop any patina and character? Should I return it?

    Thanks guys xx
  2. I own a black small classic grain Bayswater which I bought to replace my black natural vegetable tanned (NVT) Bayswater. It is a treated leather and so will behave differently to NVT. I wanted a less casual looking black Bayswater and wanted a type of leather that did not change and looked a bit more dressy as I was using it for work. I wanted the opposite of what you are describing.

    My oak and chocolate NVT bays have also developed patina which I love. My treated leather Bayswaters have not.

    Mulberry has info on the different types of leathers. Have a look there. Also this leather type should be explained on the care card that came with your bag.
  3. Thank you for your reply. That makes a lot of sense, I see that this type of leather would be unchanging and would;t be affected by rain marks which would be a real positive for many situations (like you describe for work etc). I'm thinking today that the problem is largely when placing this small classic grain oak leather next to my NVT oak and in comparison it just looks so dull and to me an unattractive shade of oak. I'm going to go and see the same bag in black!! Thanks for the input :smile:
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  4. No problem. Please share photos of your new bag in oak(or black if you decide to exchange). I think this oak version is also lovely even though it is different from NVT oak.
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  5. I realise these are two completely different style bags but in regard to the leather difference - here's a photo of the new oak leather (Bayswater backpack) small classic grain and my Antony in oak which I think is NVT. I just think the new leather looks so dull and lacks character. I just adore the leather (colour, patina, feel) on my Antony. I think in black however this Bayswater backpack will be really nice!!

    Does anyone else's classic grain in oak (perhaps different bags) look like this?

    Also does anyone know if they made a Bayswater backpack in NVT?

    Sorry I'm not as familiar with Mulberry so hoping someone might know more? Thanks again... xx

    IMG-1086.JPG IMG-0643.JPG IMG-0644.JPG
  6. Yes it is clear in the photos the difference in the oak colour by the leather treatment. I don’t think the bays backpack came in NVT leather. Why don’t you contact mulberry customer service and ask?
  7. Good idea! I'm going to try and give them a call tomorrow to find out about NVT leather or wait until I can pop in to return/exchange for the black colour, if not! :smile:
  8. I rang Mulberry and they said this Bayswater backpack bag wasn't made with NVT leather.

    Just for information purposes - they also said they are hoping to phase out NVT leather :amazed::confused1::sad: Considering the concern used to be NVT being inferior to Darwin leather and the upset over discontinuing Darwin, this is really sad :sad:

    As a leather lover and the joy I get from seeing patina develop on my bags as they age - I can't imagine buying any more Mulberry bags in this coated leather as there isn't anything unique about them anymore.
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  9. You could look for a Cara, it’s very similar in style to the Bayswater backpack and was made in NVT. There are plenty around in good condition on the preloved market. I like patina too, but it’s funny so many people used to come on here and complain about their NVT bags showing marks, and I just don’t think it’s fashionable at the moment, everyone seems to want that pristine look :smile: I guess it’ll come back around into fashion eventually. Meanwhile the Mulberry smooth calf leather is nearer to NVT, I think that’ll show patina in time.
  10. I was just about to suggest the same! The Cara is a different shape but did come in NVT - but watch out for the weight. I owned the medium size in oxblood but sold it on quite quickly - it was really heavy.

    The new leather is much lighter in weight, but will never develop the character that NVT does.

    Good luck Claireb5!
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