Help.. New LV bag or wallet


New LV bag or wallet

  1. Speedy 30

  2. Speedy 25

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  1. Hello, I'm new here at TPF and I need help on choosing between a Speedy 30 or a new wallet. Here is my dilemma: I just purchased a Popincourt Haut this past November as a gift to myself (actually from DH). We made a trip for a day to Boston, what a great time! Should I just settle on a wallet to match my recent and first LV purchase or get the Speedy 30. I'm 41 yrs 5'3" and average weight. Do I really need another bag so soon?

    Another thing, would the 30 be a good size or the 25 -- kind of scared of getting the 25 and not being happy with the size - I want the sag.... Let me know and thanks for reading! PS Thanks to Classic Chic for her instruction..:wtf:
  2. Get the Speedy 30 - it's a wonderful bag! I've had both the 25 and 30 and I ended up giving my daughter the 25 - It's really pretty too - but smaller. I absolutely love the 30 - not too big at all. I would rather have the 30 than a wallet. The 30 is my favorite bag out of all my LV bags - by far.
  3. I don't like speedies (other than epi and multicolore), so I'd say get the wallet. The speedy is everywhere, not very special anymore imo

  4. Absolutely agree!!!!!
  5. The 30 is great and I'd so much rather get a bag than just a wallet, given the choice.
  6. i can't really justify buying a wallet for almost the same price as a bag. i have the Speedy 25, and i'm 5'4" at 110lbs and i find that it's the only size i can pull off
  7. i say get the wallet. a bag is fab- esp a speedy and yes you should get the 30 but if you're not sure then go to the store and try them on- BUT a wallet can be used in EVERY bag- LV or non lv. soooo worth it!
  8. i have the speedy damier 30 and i absolutely love it. i think the 30 it's the perfect size. for the speedy or wallet question you should think about what you really need or want. if you don't "need" neither of them two and "only want it", i would buy the speedy.
  9. If you've got one bag already then I would get the wallet. I like to have an LV wallet for my LV bag. So, you would get the wallet out of the way which could then be used in any other bag you get. Then you could go back to focusing on which bag to get next!!
  10. I say get the speedy, I mean its a BAG! Lol what I mean to say is that, like yeuxhonnetes, I cant justify spending as much on a wallet as I would on an actual BAG...which is why the only wallet I can see myself buying is the ludlow at 255$USD.:smile: