HELP: New kitty howls/cries for hours

  1. I just brought home two altered male kittens, they are bonded. One is a 3 month old whos' outgoing (Panko) and the other is 7-8 month year old russian blue/siamese(Baron)? mix who is shy but not a meanie (no hissing /crouching etc). I have confined them into my bedroom for now, to familiarize them.

    However, in the middle of the night he got up and ate. Then, found the window and suddnely started howling/crying (not pain kind more whining) and wont' stop. I brought his buddy to him then he is quite for a little.

    Then, I put him down and now he occassioanl comes from under the bed and howls again and/or makes small whining noises from underneath the bed.

    I haven't slept all nigh.

    Anyone have any suggestions? I don't want to return Baron to the Rescue Group if possible.
  2. You certainly have my sympathy..but I don't have any suggestions, sorry. I'm going thru a similiar adjustment period with little Amy (as seen in my avatar). She sleeps thru the night but cries most of the morning. I would assume that their crying means that they are restless and don't know what to do just yet. Amy was also adopted, two weeks ago, from the Humane Society at about a year old. I know...they sound so pitiful and you don't know what to do for them. Have your kitties been to the vet and checked out? Hopefully they are healthy but are just feeling insecure. I have to wonder since he is a siamese mix if it is just his normal way of talking. Also, if he is crying at the window could he have possibly been an outdoor cat and wants to get out? I wish you luck and hopefully in time, and with alot of love, they will feel safe and happy in their new home
  3. Hi Saph,

    I totally relate. My kitten Muffin was brought home at 9 weeks, and she cried for a full week, non-stop. Just give her patience and attention, don't force her to do anything, but make sure she sees you as much as possible so that she can get used to your presence. Don't give up, this is the most difficult period, but soon you will have a loving and cuddly kitty that is calm and serene. Much luck to you! :smile: :smile:
  4. I think it will quiet down soon. Sometime kittens have a harder time adjusting, but you should be getting some sleep soon. Just give them a few more days.:sad: Don't return the little guy.
  5. Hi Saphynne,
    I wouldn't worry too much. It sounds like he is adjusting. As long he is eating and using the litter fine, time will tell. Hang in there~~~!
  6. Is it the 7/8 month old? I have no idea when cats start to go into heat (or whatever guys go through) but if he is old enough and not neutered he may be going through that.

    My kitties howled for attention and because I was locking them OUT of my bedroom. :smile: They kept waking me up.

    You might want to call your vet and ask what they think.
  7. Now Baron is starting to eat as long as 1/2 his body is under the bed and/or I'm not in the room. He also has been using the litterbox. His little brother Panko (3 months) is having no trouble adjusting. It's wierd lil Panko has to comfort Baron (7 months old). Baron also doesn't mind Panko walking all over him and sucking him. Instead of looking like two boys cuddling it ends up looking like a mother kitty and her baby crawling all over her because Panko is so tiny next to Baron.

    I've never heard a whine/howl like that in my life from any cats I owned. It sounds like a baby crying. However, it was not the "pain" and/or get me out of this carrier cry either. I could tell me was he not in any physical pain. However, I couldn't help but worry because this has never happened to me before. Maybe because my prior two kitties were both adopted when they were only 3-4 months old, they were less fearful and anxious of their new home.

    Anyhow, thanks Pf gals/guys for responding and telling me that you have experienced similar issues. Also, I talked to some friends and two of them had the same issue for a week (both have sensitive kitties).

    Hopefully, with patience and love and a little bit of help from Panko, Baron will settle in soon.
  8. I like the name Panko...:rolleyes:
    Anyway, I think the sound that you may be describing a sound makes when cats is calling out for mommy or friends in distress, like "Where are you~~~?". He may be a very shy and timid kitty. I used to foster many kittens, and mommies with kittens, and kittens make the loudest meows sometimes when they are hungry, seeking warmth, seeking mom, seeking attention, etc. If under the bed is comfortable for him, that is fine. But you could train him to be brave by moving the food dish away from the bed little by little. If he is hungry, he will eventually learn to come out and eat. And buy some toys and play with him so he can learn that you are a positive thing in his life. Kittens LOVE those Cat Dancers! I swear you will immediately win his heart!
  9. That's what I'm trying to do, slowly moving the food away from the bed. This morning once again at 3:30 a.m he started whining, and still is whining only time he stops is when i tell him no or touch him or hold him and of course if Panko touches him. Tonight its a more high pitch whine and once again it primarily happens when hes been looking out the window for a while.

    Cat dancers? Which toy is that? I want to make sure I have thatone.

    Thanks for your help !
  10. My cat will do that. He HOWLS when we're upstairs sleeping and he's downstairs. When he first did this, I thought it was only for attention. But one day, my bf left for work (I was still in bed). A few minutes after the door shut, my cat started howling. So I called for him, he kept meowing to get me to call for him, so he could follow my voice. When he realized I was in bed, he came and slept with me.

    We bought my cat a ton of toys. But his favorites are the cheap ones like shoe strings, pipe cleaners, and rubber bands. I think the cat dancers are the ones with a handle on one end and an object that dangles in front of the cat, on the other end. It's attached by either a string or a wire.
  11. It's definitely a "mommy where are you" type of howl. When I first got my Persian kitten (she's now almost 3) she was always vocal, but especially when she didn't know where I was. He is definitely getting used to his environment. Give him plenty of toys and reassurrance. He will definitely get better as he gets more comfortable with his environment. Good luck!

    Also, LadyRacerTRD -- I'm sure you're not seeing a problem with your cat, but generally speaking rubber bands can be very dangerous to cats especially if they snack on them! They can get caught in their digestive system. We keep all rubber bands away from our cat.
  12. My cat doesn't have a problem with eating things besides his food and treats. He likes to push the rubber bands around the floor and on our comforter, while we're sleeping. But whenever I see them laying around, I'll put them away.
  13. My cats get upset when I shut the door on them. Even if they don't want to go in, they like it open.

    One is quiet, but the other is very vocal. When he wants attention, sometimes he whines and other times he'll bat at your legs as you walk by him.
  14. That sounds like a typical siamese meow to me. I have often heard they can be mistaken for a baby crying. I have two Siamese mix cats and my girl will occasionally make that sound. It's so hard to hear. :sad: I would just give the little guy more time to adjust. I bet it will all work out.
  15. Saphynne - Do your new kitties have a "safe place" in the bedroom they are currently stationed in? Make sure you have plenty of "safe places" for them to hide. My babies like their carrier; I have a large PetMate Vari Kennel for their trips to the vet and car rides, and inside I have lots of soft blankets for them to cuddle up in. I also put in a piece of my dirty laundry so they have something that smells like me to comfort them. The carrier has a permanent place in the living room behind some furniture; it makes the carrier less of a "threat" because it doesn't just come out when it's time for a stressful vet visit. When it's permanently out and accessible, it becomes a safe, comforting place, and I've found that they actually enjoy being in it (for certain periods of time).

    Maybe try that...put some cardboard boxes around the room with lots of soft blankets. Give them somewhere to "hide" besides under the bed.

    Even though the two boys are bonded, keep an eye on Panko; if he's constantly sucking on Baron, you'll want to notify the vet, as that can lead to unhealthy behavior.

    Also, when Baron starts crying, it's okay for him to just cry. If you can get him into your bed where you can snuggle him, that may work to quiet him down and comfort him a little bit.

    Keep us updated!