HELP - New fall 06 black city!

  1. This would be my second bbag and I haven't technically seen or touched the first which is a 04 maroon twiggy (on it's way and can't wait to receive it), but I've been hearing all about this smooshy and buttery leather, but when I received my 06 fall black city the leather seems kind of stiff and nothing like I thought it would be. I've seen pictures of other's bbags and I love that it looks slouchy and soft. Is there anything I can do to make this bag more "to my liking?" I'm thinking of returning it...or maybe it'll get getting better with use. Since I'm a newbie I'd love your insight and advice.
  2. i've got a black city 06 (from the veiny/thin season) and yeah i totally agree - the more and more i use its much softer! PLUS, no more veins).. so GET IT OUT there!!! woo hoo b-bags!!!
  3. use it! it'll smooshify with time!
  4. My Black 06 City was actually smooshy when I got it compared to the other 06 Citys I've had (Grenat, Greige, Truffle--some went back) but my black was soft on arrival. But everyone is right, they smoosh up with use!
  5. My '06 black work was a bit stiff when I got it. It will definitely get smooshy as you use it :yes:
  6. Thanks ladies, I'm giving a run today and I've got say that I've fallen in love! I could've ever doubted is beyond me. I'd like to post some pic's but my boyfriends brother has taken my dig cam on a trip with him...oh well.