HELP!!! New deletes have my head spinning....ARGGGG!

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  1. I had to go to the outlet today to pick up some a couple wallets that were on a charge hold. :graucho: They have so so many beautiful deletes, I just had to get something. I had a return, so I was able to get the extra 20% one bag and I chose the gray croc embossed carryall. I've been wanting one of the embossed carryalls for awhile, so I was excited to find it. :yahoo:

    But then I came home and started having second thoughts. The problem is, there are just so many choices. :confused1: So I came here, to the Coach experts, for some advice.

    Should I keep the gray carryall? The color is a good neutral and will go with a lot of my clothes. And I really prefer shoulder bags.

    Or should I get the purple croc Audrey? Or the raisin Brynne? I have some satchels, and love them if they have the shoulder strap option, which these do. Then there's also the large purple croc Maggie. The problem is, last month I got the violet Kristin satchel and the colors are pretty similar, so I didn't really consider these bags while at the outlet today.

    Then there's also the metallic Alexandra. She doesn't seem to be as popular here on tPF, but I love the way she looks and feels. I'm just afraid I won't use her often enough to justify the purchase.

    So, please, help out a fellow-tPFer in distress! What are your thoughts on these bags???

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  2. the gray croc carryall is a great choice! If it were me having to make the decision, it would definitely be between the gray carryall and the Brynne. The Audrey is really beautiful, but IMO it's too small.....the Alexandra will end up flaking (because of the metallic finish)....and Maggie doesn't stay on my shoulders very well so I automatically rule that one out. I'm one of the minority that never fell head over heels for Maggie. (I do have one of the original ones though). I really like the Brynne because it's larger and it has an outside pocket. I think it's a lovely bag. So my opinion is between the croc carryall and Brynne for sure! Good luck!
  3. If you think you'd get the most use out of the grey carryall, then I'd keep her.

    I love the Alexandra, but I'm wary of the metallic finish too. The Brynne is pretty huge if I remember right, so I probably would rule that out personally. And if you think that your violet Kristin is too similar to the purple Audrey or Maggie, then cross those off the list too (although they're completely different purples IMO). I've loved all the purple croc Audrey reveals though. Never really considered getting that purse, but it's now very tempting!

    Anyway, good luck and let us know what you decide!
  4. emilybug - Thanks you! I guess I started to worry that the gray was just too dull compared to the others, although I want something somewhat neutral to be able to use it a lot.

    I love the style of the Brynne, so I think it would be my second choice. I was also worried about the metallic flaking on the Alexandra.

    scorp116 - Thanks for your help! I wish I looked more closely at the Brynne today. Is she really huge? She didn't seem much larger than the Audrey, but I didn't really compare. The Audrey reveals today are one thing that made me start to second guess my choice.
  5. If it were up to me, I would definitely take the grey croc carryall! The grey is my new neutral:graucho:

    Good luck!!:biggrin:
  6. Thanks jaki! I just saw your reveal and your gray pleated Sophia is just TDF! I love it on you....Congrats!
  7. Thanks.......although I may still go to my outlet to check that grey croc carryall!! I was eyeing that before at the full price store. I thought it was a great shade of grey :graucho:
  8. I just got the grey carryall a few days ago and have had more compliments on it than any bag I have carried this year. I happen to love the divided sections. It is not my first carry all. Enjoy. The bag is hot!

    Ps. I also got the metallic Alexandra... For the price( the extra 20% off) i could not pass it up. Great holiday bag
  9. Another thing to think about is....from what I'm seeing grays and camels are the "it" colors this season. I've already bought 2 gray sweaters and a dark gray blouse and I've NEVER, EVER before been known to go for I don't think your gray carryall will be too plain at all! I think it's a perfect neutral which will blend from fall right into winter with this season's fashion trend. Although I love the Brynne, if I were to get one myself, it would be the teal or the graphite.....I think you've got a real gem w/the carryall, though.
  10. Purse28 - That is so good to hear! Thank you! I've enjoyed the two sections of the Kristin satchel, so I thought I might like the carryall style too.

    Are you enjoying the metallic Alexandra? Do you think she'll hold up well? Do you think she'll be susceptible to color transfer?

    emilybug - Thanks for the fashion tip! I am seriously so out of the fashion loop, I don't know what's in or out. But I have some really great handbags!!! :nuts: So that's good to know that gray is in!
  11. The grey carryall, DEFINATELY!! You made the right choice right off the bat! Beautiful bag!!! :cool:
  12. I think the grey croc is really classic and the color is easy to match most things. I would say, stay with this.
  13. They are all Beautiful Bags, however if I had to choose I would pick the Gray Croc Carryall cause this is a nice neutral bag that goes with everything. I own the Bone Croc Carryall and can tell you from experience this bag is very light to carry even filled up with all my stuff and I get tons of compliments whenever I carry her.

    My second choice would be the Brynne, which I hope to get one at the outlet too.
    Good Luck with whatever one you choose.
  14. Brynne is my first choice then then the Maggie
  15. I would probably pick the Brynne myself, but if you don't need another purple bag, then keep the carryall. That is one great bag. You are lucky to have access to the outlet and all these bags, but it must be hard when there's so many to chose from.