Help-New City-Steel or Oatmeal????

  1. Hey Ladies and Gents,

    I am about to order a City - can't decide between Steel and Oatmeal. I currently have: Vert Gazon Twiggy, Vert Fonce Make Up and Mogano/Cinnamon Part Time. I am super casual - always in jeans, sweaters, polos, etc. I love both colors and am torn. :confused1:

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated! TIA!
  2. Steel is gorgeous IRL! Although Matic is the perfect neutral imho! My vote goes for Steel- Grays are going to be the hottest color for Fall! It's a great substitute for black. Good luck deciding:smile:
  3. Steel :yes:
  4. steel
  5. It is so great to get everyone's opinions - I get so excited when you all reply!!!

    Thanks a million and keep those suggestions coming! So far Steel is the front runner......
  6. I myself have a steel work and I love the color. It looks much better in real life.:tup:
  7. Steel is my favorite of the two choices, but since you already have a dark bag it might be good to go with the lighter color. Steel is awfully pretty, though!
  8. I say steel - I think it's prettier IMO. :yes:
  9. Mastic! Gorgeous perfect neutral, year round color.

  10. Hmm, I have a steel city and am currently looking for a mastic brief. I wish I could tell you definitively which one to pick, but I'm torn myself! Steel is a great year round color and will never look dirty. I'm a bit afraid of lighter colors, so mastic may not be so year round. ...Steel!
  11. I like both colors, but I'm going to vote for oatmeal since all of your other bbags are darker colors.
  12. I'd say go for the Oatmeal....I have a Cinnamon PT and love the color, but to me it's close to black (being that it's dark). And the City and the PT are somewhat similar in shape, I feel that maybe they'd look too similar?

    That said, I am considering getting a black hobo with GSH.....because it's so different in shape from the PT....I love the Oatmeal color, but sometimes tan/beige shades can be hard to wear too...make sure a lighter color would work for you. Have you owned other tan bags, did you use them a lot.

    I have a tan Chanel and I love it, but don't use it that often because of it's color. Black is always a color I would be able to use (like most of us).
  13. I say Steel as well! Less worry over getting dirty and it's such a beautiful colour!

    I wish you well,

  14. I vote Mastic. I just purchased on and it goes with everything. I love to wear bright colors and I like lighter colored bags because it doesn't look as harsh against brights or pastels. You really can't go wrong since both are great colors.
  15. I just got a Steel day and I love it! It's gorgeous, but since you already have a Mogano Part-Time, I'd go for the Mastic since it's lighter and looks gorgeous. I was debating between the two colors also, but I only have 1 Bbag and I decided Steel was more practical for me.
    They're both gorgeous though and I don't think you could go wrong with either! Good luck deciding!