Help - new Chelsea with squeaky leather!

  1. I just received my first Coach bag for Christmas. I believe it's the Chelsea Optic Signature Small Flap bag. It has a braided strap and the strap connects to the bag by metal rings. Anyway, at both of these places (the strap itself and where it attaches to the rings) the leather "squeaks" like crazy .

    Will this go away as the leather is broken in? Do I need to apply conditioner? I really don't want to return it but it "squeaks" (quite loudly) with every move!

    Any advice???

  2. My Carly used to be really loud, but now that she's broken in...she only squeaks sometimes.

    Don't worry, it'll get better with use!
  3. uugghhh that is one thing about coach that drives me nuts :rolleyes: I have had many bags that squeak, and a few that don't.. you could condition it or just wait it out.. with use it will get better. :yes:
  4. I bought a purse from the outlet that squeaked like mad and it drove me crazy so I returned it and got something else! I couldn't take it anymore!
  5. i love the chelsea optic! Ill be more than glad to take it off your I got a ton of gift cards for Xmas and plan on buying that one!
  6. yeah it will usually go away as it breaks in
  7. If you do exchange her, what are your options?
  8. My carly did that also. But after awhile of heavy use i think the noise is less or i just don't notice it anymore. My husband says its the sound of expensive leather hehe. It doesn't really bother me though.
  9. he he...I actually love it, too - just wasn't sure about the squeakiness. I'm new to Coach but I can see it may very easily become an addiction!

    I've been dying to use it since I got it last week, but have been afraid to cut off the tags in the event that I wanted to exchange it (due to the noise). I guess I'll just have to take the plunge and use it a LOT and hope the noise decreases with use...:shame:
  10. my Soho Satchel squeaked and it drove me batty! So much, that It went up on eBay!
  11. Not to worry it will eventually go away, just takes a little while. By the way you have the bag I really want right now. Which color did you get??:nuts:
  12. Not sure - she was bought at a department store rather than a Coach store (my boyfriend had no idea what to get me and just wandered around the store until he found something he liked). I think their selection might be a bit more limited than a dedicated Coach store. The Hamptons Signature Small Flap, the Hamptons Signature Medium Carryall, and the Chelsea Signature Small Flap are similarly priced on the Coach website, but at the dept store the Carryall is quite a bit more and they don't have the other two listed.

    Still, I love the look of the Chelsea Optic - it's just the noise! The strap being braided makes the noise worse, but it's also part of what I like about the looks of her!
  13. I have the Silver/Khaki/Chocolate one. Which is odd, because that color isn't listed on the Coach website. So...maybe I'm wrong and it's not the Optic, but it looks exactly like the Optic in every way. It was bought at a Coach boutique inside of Macy's, so I can't imagine that it's not a true Coach bag...

    The tag actually calls it Che Sig Brd Sm Flap (Chelsea Singature Braided Small Flap?) and the style number is not the same as the Coach website Optic. Any ideas on why it would have a slightly different name and style number? Could it be an older/newer version of the Optic?
  14. UPDATE:
    I have been informed by someone more knowedgeable than I that Macy's does have slightly different bags - so I do not have the Optic. The fabric looks like the Chelsea Signature Small Flap but it is styled just like the Optic. Anyway...
    I broke down this morning and finally decided to try a bit of leather conditioner (carefully, to avoid the fabric!) - first I applied a touch on the rings and spun them to lubricate underneath the leather loop where the rings and leather attach and rub together) and that worked so well I did a little on the braided strap, too. OMG, so much better!!! Still a little noise but pretty much what I'd expect from braided leather (and which doesn't bother me) and so now I'm happy and can't wait to use it! The tags are coming OFF and I'm using it TODAY!:happydance:

    Except now I kinda want an Optic (not in place, but in addition!) because the fabric has a funkier look. Maybe one of the larger bags... he he. My boyfriend has created a monster and he doesn't even know it yet. :nuts: