Help! New Chanel sunnies falling off.....

  1. Hi,
    Crossing over from the LV boards....just got new Chanel sunnies and they feel so loose! I keep having to push them up and they don't stay when I put them on top of my head...
    Does anyone else have this problem? I had them tighten them before I left store! I just hate to pay $300 for sunnies that drive me crazy!!!:sad:
  2. Bring them to an optical place and have them fitted.
  3. they're no different than other other brand. . . they will have to be tightened periodically if you rest them on top of your head, but my Armanis and Guccis are the same way.
    If that store had any other pairs, I'd switch them out possibly, maybe they've been tried on a lot{?}
  4. Ditto what Swanky said. I never buy from the display case due to people trying them on (germs, yuck!) and stretching them out. If doing a charge-send, I always ask the s/a to send a non-displayed pair.

    That said, I have received non-displayed Chanel sunnies that are too big and have to be fitted by an optical store. Usually they will do it at no charge. If yours have crystals there is a limit to how tight they can go due to the crystals possibly falling out.
  5. Thanks so much for the info!
    I did have them get a new pair from the "back", didnt want ones tried on a hundred times!
    I will take them to be fitted! I love 'em!!
    Thanks again!
  6. You can get sunnies fitted? I tried on these sunnies (can't remember the model) they had leather stitched handles. They didn't rest on my nose but rather on my cheeks.
  7. I have the style with leather stitched handles and had to get them fitted so they they didn't slide down my nose.
  8. I have those as well, they needed more adjusting than any of my other sunnies.
    But once you get them fit perfectly, they're VERY comfy!