HELP! New Brooch Without Tag?

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  1. Hello Im new to Chanel and I just got my first Chanel brooch at the boutique today. It was the last display piece and I love it so much that I refused to be placed on the waiting list. However, when I opened the box after reaching home, I realised that there is no tag anywhere in the box. Can any kind soul please tell me if the tag is essential? What is it for? Everything else (dust bag, box etc) is ok..Thanks!:P

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  2. First of all, congratulations on your new brooch, it's beautiful!

    I wouldn't worry about the tag, I live in Europe and most of the time there are no tags on the Chanel items here.
  3. thank you so much! teehee
  4. You're welcome!
    Enjoy your new brooch :biggrin:.
  5. I'm not sure about the essentials of a tag but that brooch is beautiful! Nice purchase!
  6. what a beautiful brooch!
  7. THanks both! I'm a happy girl :yahoo:
  8. The tag probably just fell off since it was a display, it's not important at all.
  9. Beautiful brooch! I wouldn't worry so much about the tag as long as you don't intend to re-sell it. Since it came straight from the boutique, you know it's authentic. And you aren't going to wear the tag anyway, so. ;)
  10. Nymifashion: I guess so..or maybe the boutique don't keep the tags of display pieces. Thanks so much for your assurance :biggrin:

    Nighteyes: Thank you so much :biggrin: It was a love at first sight and I am still very much in love with it..however, I'm not sure if I would sell it in future :P I have the receipt though so I think it should be ok? What do you think? The tag just shows made in France and the code number anyway right..code number can still be found on the box..hmmm maybe I'm thinking far too much.. Hee
  11. Don't worry too much and try to enjoy your new brooch.
    If you ever want to sell it, you don't need the tag to proof the authenticity. Even a receipt says nothing, it can be faked too, or someone can have a real receipt with a fake item KWIM?
    If you have some clear pictures of the item and the Chanel stamp you would be fine if you decide to sell it in the future ;).
  12. enjoy your brooch..
  13. **Chanel** : ok I get your point..I'll just enjoy the brooch and not care about trival stuff :biggrin:

    Hotspot : yeap I will, thank you! :yahoo: