Help! New Balenciaga Convert!

  1. Hi all! These bags have been slowly growing on me. I finally saw this girl carrying one yesterday and it looked so cute on her that I decided I wanted one! :yes: I would love the ink color but I have no idea about the different styles/names. I have heard about the first, the city, the twiggy, the motorcycle, etc... but I have no idea what size they are and what the differences between them is! Can someone please give me the low-down on the different models? I am so confused. :blink: Thanks in advance!:flowers:
  2. Thanks! I think the City is what I was looking for. A bag in a medium size that fits all my stuff but doesn't overwhelm my small frame! Thanks!
  3. I'm fairly small too and you might also want to look at the Purse. It's around the same size as the city, but flat and without the shoulder strap. (Depends upon whether you think you want the shoulder strap and whether you like flat or filled out). What I also like about the Purse is that I see fewer of them, so it seems a little more unusual.
  4. i'm a great supporter of the purse too :yes: ...i got my 1st one over the weekend in the emerald color & it's just the perfect size (i'm 5'2 & petite)...i've included a photo of the brown one below:
  5. Thanks! I'll definitely take a look at that!
  6. I was going to say the same thing. Great minds think alike, huh? Hehe.
  7. I am 5'1" and absolutely LOVE my city! It is the PERFECT size, especially for an everyday bag, and it is feather light!
  8. I have a Purse, City, and two Twiggys. All three are great options. Check out the Twiggy too!
  9. Here's a pic of them side by side. The pink one is a Purse. The blue one is a City. The red and white ones are Twiggys.
  10. I have a city - it's my staple bag! I got it in black figuring black is timeless, and I didn't want to spend $1000.00 plus on a bag that I may tire of over time. My dream color is and was the caramel, and I was on a waitlist for caramel and black. Black came through first, and that's what I got :smile:
  11. Wow! Getting confused here. I love them all. Kat, which color is the blue? Does it go well with different shades of jeans (light, medium and dark)? Thanks for sharing!
  12. I believe that is cornflower- but kat will tell you for sure. It is a great color btw- very fun and versatile!
  13. i think the blue twiggy is called "cornflower" too...the twiggy was my 1st love, then the hobo, then the purse :smile:
  14. 0o0o, welcome to the world of b-bags!!!! i think maybe getting a CITY is the best size to start off with... my black city is my staple bag... its wonderful!!! but the cornflower twiggy is also WONDERFUL too!!! i love all my b-bags!!!
    Weclome to the PF!!!!