Help! New bag at LV store - cant find on elux

  1. Hi everyone..

    I was just at the boutique and I saw a brand new style purse, the SA said they just got it in and I'm in love with it..but I cant seem to find the bag on eluxury. Wondering if anyone knows what it might be based on my discription what the name is!

    Its a monogram canvas satchel, flap with 1 pushlock in goldhardware as the closure, has 4 feet, no leather bottom but leather on the 4 corners of the bottom of the bag..
    inside - made of alcantara lining, and 2 pockets.

    sorry for the bad discription..but hope thats detailed enough!
  2. Monogram Pleaty?
    These won't be on elux for awhile.
  3. Yep.. Sounds like the mono Pleaty..

    here's some pics posted in another thread by a fellow boardie
  4. any idea how much?
  5. YES! thats it! you guys are awesome! i was looking at the pleaty shoulder bag..SA said $1140 i guess approx $1065 usd
  6. <----------- ( In my avatar) is that what you mean?? my mom bought hers on Thurday....All the bags are SO CUTE IRL!!
  7. THanks Kasumi! It is the pleaty line..they're pretty!

    Couture_Girl - yup its similar, i was lookin at the larger're mom is so lucky! it looks like an awesome clutch!
  8. my mom reserved the Pleaty GM and the tiny one that she got......she thought the big one was too big
  9. Thanks for posting pics. The mono pleaty line is so cute. yet sophisticated!
  10. thanks for the pics! Wow I love the pleaty GM, it's soooo cute!! Any idea of about how big it is?
  11. This going to sounds dumb, but, is this line going to be permanent? TIA for the info.
  12. I think you're talking about the Monogram Pleaty or Beverly. i don't think it'll be on elux for a while
  13. hmm the GM is pretty big..i'd say maybe approx the size of the speedy 35?
  14. AHHH!! so i had previously showed my mom pictures of the pleaty (thanks to this forum) and turns out she had went to LV last weekend to try to buy it for my bday gift (was not expecting that at all! im a LV newbie..)!


    when she got there there was only 1 left and the customer ahead of her was looking at it...and when she heard my mom ask for it the lady bought it!! :crybaby: so no pleaty for me!!
  15. Aww, isn't your mom sweet though?