HELP! Neverfull MM or Pochette Bospohore??

  1. Hi,

    I need feedback please. I have always wanted a messanger bag and the Pochette Bosphore looks very cute on me. I went to LV yesterday with DH and he insisted that I try on the Neverfull in MM and GM. He wants me to get the Neverfull GM and thinks that Pochette Bosphore is a waste of money as it does not hold much. DH said it's time I buy a LV that is BIG and can hold a ton. Anyway, GM looks way too big on me and I generally like smaller bags and I don't carry a lot, so MM is more than sufficient.

    Yesterday was my first time trying on the Neverfull MM and GM and I must say I like the MM quite a bit. The part that's most attarctive is that the MM is cheaper than the Pochette Bosphore. Help!!! I know the Pochette Bosphore does not hold much but I like the fact thhat it's hands free. On the other hand, it'll be good to have a Neverfull MM becuase it holds a lot and it looks like a bag that I can use on weekends and for casual Fridays. My main question is does the MM look too much like my Popincourt Haut? I am paranoid about the open top too. Please help me decide, I know only you LV lovers can help me.

    BTW, this is what I currently own:

    Mono Popincourt Haut
    Mono Speedy 25
    Mono Pochette Accessoires
    Mono Pochette Wallet
    Mat Allston in Blue
    Mat PTI Wallet in Blue
    Vernis Reade PM in Pomme
    Perfo Cles in Green
    Limelight in Copper
  2. neverfull mm is good only if u need the space. since u are a small bag girl do u need the space in the 1st place? it's definitely bigger than popincourt haut, i do not think it's similar in looks and/or duplicate in function :smile:.

    pochette bosphore seems to be your regular bag size so i think the cross body function is something nice.

    lol why not u get the pochette bosphore and him buy u the neverfull mm since he likes it too :p
  3. Thanks ms p. I knew someone is doing to say "get both". I wish I could but if I did, DH will ban me from getting anything else for the rest of the year.

    As for Neverfull MM, I don't normally need such a big bag but I just realized that I can fit my lunch bag, and laptop (11"X9") in it. I can also use it when I travel, which is a bonus. Somehow the hands free feature on the Pochette Bosphore appeals to me too.
  4. I'd get the Neverfull MM since it doesn't seem like you have a tote that size. :yes:
  5. go for the neverful MM's size is great and the price for the size of it is greater! It's a no regrets bag! Best of luck!
  6. i think regardless of what our partners says it's what we want that makes us the happiest during purchase that makes LV worth it :biggrin:. there are always less expensive bags that can fulfill the big bag or handsfree option anyway if we want to :p

    personally for travel i will not use neverfull as the open top makes me think my stuff will fall all over in the overhead cabin, unless u don't mind putting it under your seat :smile:.
  7. Anyone? More feedback please. TIA.
  8. i have been eyeing the pochette bosphore for a looong time.. (i've wanted it since it was $550). i didnt buy it because i was thinking that it wont be practical since it wont hold much. in the meantime, i've bought a couple of purses and accessories. after christmas, we went to the boutique and i tried on the bosphore and the neverfull. to make a long story short, i caved in to the bosphore.... i got it for $620 and all this time i've been thinking i could've saved more than a $100 if i had bought it the first time i saw it. oh, and i got the neverfull mm a day before the price increase since they were sold out. and i couldn't be happier (until the montorgueil comes out). the bosphore comes in very handy when im out shopping. not too much vachetta to worry about. so i suggest, get what YOU really want coz it will be YOU who will use it. sorry for the long post.:smile:
  9. Pochette Bospohore :tup:
  10. I say get the one you really want.
    I have the Pochette Bosphore, and I love it.
    Ask yourself, if you get the Neverfull will you still be longing for the Bosphore?
    If the answer is yes, then get the Bosphore.
    Let me know what you decide.
    Good luck!
  11. I could not make up my mind. I like the Bosphore as I don't have a messanger bag yet but I think I'll get more use of the Neverfull.
  12. Get the Neverfull first since it'll hold more. Then get the Bosphore later!
  13. I think that's what I'll do, thanks. I'll get the Neverfull first and may get the Bosphore down the road.

    Thanks everyone.