Help! Neverfull MM or GM

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  1. Hi looking at buying a neverfull..

    I want it for travel and use but I don't want it to be huge,, is mm big enough for a 13 inch mac book pro? How much could it fit??
    Please post pics!
  2. for a mac book pro is enough place but for my oppinion in this bags it´s fast messy when you have much small things like me :lol:
  3. A messy bag is easily taken care of by using pouches or a good organizer. I used to have a cluttered bag full of small items (as in, I could never find anything) but then I discovered pouches and, finally, the organizer. Works for me!

  4. So could I fit laptop and cosmetic bags .. Just to make sure it's big enough for travel purposes
  5. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397624076.191229.jpg

    This is my MM. If I were to carry a laptop, plus a few other small pouches, I would go for the GM. I have the GM in monogram and use it more for travel. You can always cinch the sides in inthe GM

  6. I second the usefulness of the pouches and organizers. Definitely helps de-clutter any bag. Plus it saves so much room for important items like your laptop. 😊
  7. Love this bag. Honestly? For travel I wish I had the GM, but for everyday, I love the MM.
  8. MM for sure...the GM is good for travel. I have both =)
  9. If you carry your mac everyday, I recommend gm.
  10. I love Damier MM
  11. /\ this