HELP! Neverfull MM or GM?

Princess Pink

Oct 3, 2007
When I decided to get a Neverfull, had in my mind to go for the MM. Went to the boutique, tried it on, and it just didn't feel right, so upsized and brought the GM, its fantastic! I'm also 5'4 and medium build, I think its fine size wise....remember its not compulsory to fill it all the way........and u always have the option for more room if necessary. The MM in my opinion is a bit boring, whereas its not everyday you see a stylish HUGE bag! If you need it for travelling its just perfect. I don't use it as an everyday bag though as for my day to day life it doesn't fit.

Go for the GM! :tup:

(and get a base shaper!)

As has been mentioned already, it is much better clinched and thats the way I would always carry it.


Loving it ALL!!!
Jan 24, 2008
Im 5'3, and I've got the MM and its a good size, Its pretty big too haha


Tinker's Realm
Apr 14, 2008
Beautiful Pacific Wonderland!
I have the Gm & have used it as an everyday bag but really better for long days away from home- for just walking around and sitting in restaurants etc. I would prefer the MM