Help! Neon pink wallet or neon yellow wallet??

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  1. I love them both and I do not know what to choose. I like the yellow one but im thinking maybe it ages worse and also the logo does not contrast in such a pretty way as the pink.

    Help me girls, what do you think?



  2. Hard decision, even though I would normally choose yellow, I think the logo shows more on the pink.
  3. Agree pink as well
    Soo Nice
  4. The thing is the wallet first caught my eye because of the yellow, but I do think the logo looks better against the pink! Im always so insecure when chosinggg I hate it! Will prob go for pink in the end
  5. Yellow
  6. Pink!!
  7. Pink
  8. Love both of them, but definitely love the pink more!
  9. Pink
  10. Pink. But I'm not a fan of yellow in general.
  11. Yellow, pink is pretty but the yellow is making me want to smile and sing!
  12. i ordered yellow in the end, just because it was the one that made me want that wallet in the first place! I will do a reveal once I get it, its a pre order item so itll take at least over a month. Thanks so much for the input everyone!
  13. pink... this yellow is too fluo