HELP!!! Neon Pink or Lilac Mini MAC....

  1. Thanks for all the comments, ladies!!!

    I was so bad and purchased the mini mac in both colors!! Yup... I couldn't decide on what I like and bought both. I will take pictures of each bag and post them up when they arrive.
  2. What an even better option!
  3. :woohoo:Woohoo!:woohoo:
  4. Great choice! Can't wait for the reveal!
  5. congrats - can't wait to see your pictures!
  6. neon pink!
    but this thread reminds me of dusty lilac. I own a mini mac in that color and how I wish I got a dusty lilac MAC too. I think that color is a good match with what you seem to be looking for :smile:
  7. i love pink! but id go for lilac. i think it's more versatile. or get both:smile: both are gorgeous!
  8. Hi girls!!!

    I just received my two mini MAC yesterday!!! Yay! I took a few pictures with my iPhone.... Here they are....

    The lilac and neon pink side by side


    Here is the lilac one... The colour is so beautiful!! I am so glad that I did not pass it when I placed the order. I even love the lilac one better than the neon pink one. :heart:


    I kind of find the neon pink MAC is too POP!! The colour maybe a bit too bright for me. I thought it would be more like a bright magenta. I will try to see if I can work with it... If not, I will just return it.

  9. I say lilac because I dont like the gray underside of the tassels on the neon pink

  10. I think they're both gorgeous!! I say you should keep them both!
  11. both are gorgeous! congrats!;)
  12. lilac is gorgeous~~~ congrats!!!
    how much did you grab? wanna grab it as welllllllllll:loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes:
  13. The lilac one is soooooooo pretty!! Definitely prefer that over the neon pink.
  14. OMG like everybody else, I have been knocked up by the lilac! She's gorgy!
  15. × knocked up
    ○ knocked out

    :blush: hahaha...