Help needed

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  1. My mother-in-law is looking for an everyday bag ... it has to be leather, with many pockets, big and roomy, light weight (this is important), and has a nice shape ... bare in mind she is over 50 so something classy and elegant ...
    any recommendations????
  2. Hi! I think it depends on your price range and/or whether or not this person cares about carrying a "designer" bag. I think in general, Coach has some really nice "classic" bags that are roomy and has lots of storage space. The sales people in there are usually pretty nice and helpful. Also, Cole Haan has some really nice bags this season. The first 2 pictures are from Cole Haan, and the other 3 from Coach.




  3. You cannot go wrong with LV...
  4. Perhaps the monogrammed Manhattan ?

    Like so..

  5. I love the second Cole Haan. I am thinking of getting for myself, the leather is very soft and it is roomy. The style is a little different, too.
  6. thanks alot everyone :smile:
    i am going to go with either the LV manhatten, the CD, the mulberry, the marc jacobs, or the tods in teh pictures below ... what do you think?
    christian dior.jpg LV manhattanPM.jpg mulberry.jpg marc jacobs tan.jpg tods.jpg
  7. I think Tod's for an older woman would be very nice:biggrin:. Not sure I like the LV pictured, the Dior looks like its for someone really young, and the other two are kind of just bleh. I'm sure she'll love it no matter what you decide :biggrin:
  8. Tods is a go for me. Looks timeless, great leather, and no matter what color will look great.
  9. btw, not sure if its on sale on the website, but the Tod's is on sale @ NM right now for the designer pre-sale. I think it may also be on sale on elux, not sure if its exactly the same price on each though. I couldn't believe those went on sale!
  10. nm that exact one isn't on sale @ elux, but I think I did see it @ the designer pre-sale at NM yesterday :biggrin:
  11. thanks noriko :smile:
    what about these???
    dior, coach, fendi, and marc jacobs
    dior black.jpg coach brown.jpg zucca fendi.jpg marc jacobs1.jpg
  12. or these???
    Gucci, D&G, tods, mui mui, and marni ..
    gucci pockets.jpg d&g.jpg tods brown.jpg Mui Mui.jpg marni.jpg
  13. I bought that Cole Haan "lunch tote" but returned it. I was uncomfortable with how open it is at the top. If the bag tips over, your stuff falls out. Too bad, it's a really beautiful bag.
  14. I still like the initial Tod's bag better :biggrin:
  15. I think the LV Manhattan and that black Marc Jacobs pictured above will be really nice for someone in their 50s.