Help needed...

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  1. Anyone here owns the artsy in earth? Would like reviews on this piece please... Thank you.
  2. look at yt or the clubhouse
  3. thank you
  4. +1
  5. I just got the artsy in earth yesterday and I am IN LOVE with it!! My SA had it in black and havane and I immediately wasn't interested in either of those. I would have liked to seen the flamme or the ombre but I think i'll ask her to bring in those colors in the zippy for something that compliments but doesn't exactly match. I have a zippy in the canvas and was impressed with how much more flexable they felt.

    I do have a friend whose sister bought it, sold it, bought it again (im not sure if she still has it or not) but sold it because the strap was hard on the shoulder. I can see how it would hurt the shoulder, as its made for the hand/elbow but I need to spend lengthy hours with it (shopping perhaps) to give it a better test.