Help needed!!!!!

  1. I'm wondering if any of you can help me to choose between two colours. I want a Large satchel paddy badly but don't know which one to get- a tan or black one. I have a muscade zip shopper already, so probably the black one would be better because muscade and tan are quite simmilar- or maybe not that much???? But on the other hand, tan is such a classic colour for a paddington..... As you can see I really need some advice.
  2. Do you already have a great everyday bag in black? If not, get that one, BUT only if you LOVE it!!! Otherwise, GET TAN BECAUSE IT IS GORGEOUS! Who cares if it is similar to muscade! IF you will get enough wear from both, go for it!
  3. I don't know, I don't know!!! I have a Fendi spy in black, but still it's probably a much different style.
  4. Hi! The muscade and the tan are similar, but I think that the tan is more spring/summer than the muscade. I had the two colors at home next to each other.. a tan paddington and the muscade wallet. They were dis-similar enough that I did not keep the wallet.

    I have the black paddington too, and it really is a much different look from the tan and muscade. I could not make up my mind either, so I ended up keeping both... not that I have had a chance to really use either one yet!
  5. I personally would get the tan because it looks absolutely stunning in the style. But it would make the muscade almost obsolete. So get the color you love. If it means you have to sell the other one down the road, then do that... but atleast you'll have the color you love best! ;)
  6. Tan all the way!
  7. I love the black. The tan is a little light for me and I think it is very similar to muscade. The black silverados are awesome particularly in that buffalo leather!
  8. What colours do you tend to wear most?

    Personally, I'd go with the tan, as I wear a lot of black clothes (with some brown) and I prefer black bags if they have other colours (or metallics) mixed in. I know the Paddy has the lock, but I'm not sure that that breaks the black up quite enough for me and currently, I feel that an all-black bag looks a little too 'heavy' on an all-black background.

    But, if you tend to wear other neutrals (grey, tan, or brown) more, or bright, or very pale colours (pale pink, for example); a black Paddy would look lovely with them. It would also look gorgeous, worn in the French way, against navy.

    I really wouldn't worry about repeating colours, or types of bag, as long as they are colours and types of bag that you love and that work for you. I don't think a bag, that you carry often, will necessarily be made obsolete by another style in a similar colour, as you will probably find yourself alternating between the two every week, or two.

    At the end of the day, you know yourself best. I'm sure some people don't understand my bag choices, but they work for me! :biggrin:
  9. definitely the tan!!
  10. Love the tan personally - can you try both IRL? Sometimes that can swing the vote. You just get a gut feeling you know!
  11. BLACK :ninja: