Help Needed


Apr 30, 2010
Hi All,

I have i dilemma and wondered if you guys could help!

I have just had my wedding, loved it! And now want to do a post wedding shoot, sort of 'trash the dress'. I have seen loads of images which i love, just want to wear the dress again, not sure my daughter will ever want to!

Anyhow, i am unsure whether to use my wedding shoes, the photographer recommends it as it more authentic, and the hubby agrees.... you think i should?

The shoes got pretty wrecked at the wedding, scuffed, some of the satin is ripped and the heels muddy?

Advice and thoughts??!!

Thank you!


Feb 3, 2009
They don't look like they are in that bad shape. They can be resoled, they can have new heels put on and I am sure you can dye them which will hide the scuffs. Plus you can wear them again once they are another color. If it were me I would buy an inexpensive pair to trash, but I am very protective of my Choos! (Still store each pair in it's original shoe box). Are you sure you want to trash your dress too? Certainly your perogative but I would have a hard time destroying nearly new beautiful items with lots of sentimental value. Congratulations on your wedding!


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Aug 17, 2007
In the Forest
^ ha, ha! After you have fully trashed the shoes, you can always experiment with strassing or hand painting them. I never heard of these types of pictures and did a Google search. Lots of them are in water, where shoes will not show.