Help needed!

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  1. Hey everyone

    I know Im going to sound like a complete idiot but i just recieved my order from eluxury which included the monogram key and change holder. I have a problem though, the gold ring part where you can attach your keys will NOT open. Is there some special trick? I tried to push in the lever thing and it wouldnt work....does anyone else own one of these and have the same problem or know the trick or is this one broken?

  2. haha I had this problem too I was like how in the world do you open it so I had to go back to the store and ask an SA. you have to pull it up.
  3. haha omg im glad in not the only one. Where do i pull up? i just tried and it didnt scared to pull it like hard bc i dont wanna break it.
  4. the thicker square piece lifts up and out and the voila! it's open!
  5. I juuuuust got it, thank you SO much guys! haha!
  6. ^great! I know I just got my first cles too and I kept pushing it I was like wth how do you do this!
  7. This happened to me, and sometimes, when I am in a hurry, I still forget how to open it.:confused1: