Help Needed....

  1. I'm planning an overseas trip and would like to get a new H bag. I currently have a 28 Kelly which I dont feel it's appropriate (not big enough!) and I still have a 1.5 year wait for my Birkin.

    As the intention is to 'shop till you drop', :graucho: I am thinking along the lines of the Garden Party or perhaps the HerBag? Any advice will be most appreciated. Thanks:flowers:
  2. Are you open to other bags or just those two?
  3. Yes, I am open to suggestions...
  4. this a bag you want just to travel with and then shop for another H bag when you get to your destination?
  5. the massai holds a ton. the herbag is discontinued according to other posters.

    what do you put in your 28? is it sellier/rigid?
  6. For travel a 37 cm bolide is great, also, one of the fabric Valpariso...(SP?) the fabric bag with the leather flap is great, it has a inside pocket, a zipperd small pouch, and can close, so things are less likely to fall out. It also comes in many sizes.
  7. Shopmom, I plan to travel with this bag and go shopping with it as well - unfortunately there are no H shops where I'm going.

    HiHeels, I can still find the Herbag at my boutique, hence it crossed my mind to get it before it goes. My 28 Kelly is sellier; I fit my wallet, sunglasses, make-up and a whole load of junk but I'm worried it may not be practical to use while shopping as I will need quick and easy access to my wallet. Moreover, it's vermillion and I'm afraid it will pick up dirt. It's my one and only H bag so it's very precious at the moment.

    There are extremely limited bags at my H boutique - I recall they only have the bolide in blue jean and a black masai, among the other bags.

    I will certainly check out the masai and valpariso.

    Thank you all for your suggestions.
  8. I recommend that Bolide 31! You can wear it on your arm and the zip top provides easy access to your things. And it has a shoulder strap like the Kelly. This will be my next H bag.
  9. There is a blue jeans bolide at the boutique and I have 2 questions - for all blue jeans bag owners, how versatile is that colour? Secondly, is the shoulder strap long enough to sling across the shoulder?