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  1. Dear fellow shoppers and bag lovers I have a major problem! My birthday is in 2 weeks time and I wanted to get myself guess what - a bag! However, Im currently in between Bottega Veneta (leather woven one) and Balenciaga (weekender or shopper from AW2005)...

    Which one is the right choice?

    p.s. can't get both of them though...:sad:
  2. I think the motorcyle bag is on its way out - once a knockoff hits Target stores I think a bag is officially over. I also think the weekender is waaay too big to use on a regular basis.

    I would go with the Bottega Veneta since the craftmanship is timeless.
  3. I agree, the Bottega! The leather is just awesome!
  4. Anyone have pics?? I wanna see too.
  5. I have both and love them both. I would go with Bottega if you want something a bit more conservative that you could wear to work. It is a bit more classic as well. However, I TOTALLY disagree with people who say that Balenciaga is "out". It is a neo classic (has been around for over 5 years). there are knockoffs of every bag out there that is popular, including the Paddy, the Spy, the Bottegas, even Botkiers. It really annoys me when people call somethin "out". Don't let your life, style or fashion sense be dictated by people who pretend to have authority on trends. Have your own personal style and let that determine what YOU like. People who let others determine what is and what is not fashionable are really people who just lack individuality and style.

    Just my two cents. Good luck with your decision.
  6. I'm of two minds about the issue of what's 'in' and knock-offs. I don't care what is in and what is out. I often prefer to carry something that is a few years out of date. I'm so much less likely to run into someone else with the same bag. The bag is an expression of me (as I see me). Seeing someone else with the same bag is weird that way. So who cares what is in and what is out?!

    BUT, knock-offs complicate the issue. All of a sudden, you find so many copies of what you love out there. In some ways, knock-offs make it better to carry something out of date. The knock-offs are usually poor quality and won't last until the fad is two or three years old! Then you are back to being the only one with that style of bag!

    If you like the Balenciaga, buy it. Just be prepared to not be the only one with that style for some time to come.
  7. I recently got to venture to a Bottega store and I am in love witht heir bags. The quality is superb and the bags are divine!! I would say Bottega

    ^^Issmom- really nice post!! I agreee!!!
  8. [​IMG]

    These are the pics...I hope you'll be able to see Balenciaga....since it's from their official web page...if you get just the main accessory page it's the bag number 10 and 11...I really cant understand the way uplad works here..sorry...:embarasse
  9. i saw that botega at saks today, i must say it was quite cute. i've become a recent fan of them, so i say go for that.
  10. Right now I'm luvin' Bottega Veneta!
  11. Seems like a consensus. I think Bottega looks great.