help needed

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  1. Hi, i have just been told that a friend of mine had a misscarrage & I feel really sorry & sad for her & her DH.

    The only thing is that im going to announce that im expecting next week as i will be 12 weeks ( Yah finally......)

    Whats would the best way to tell her?
  2. I'm sorry to hear about your friend's miscarriage baby luv. It's such a sad thing for all involved and certainly no easier for you given you're about to announce you're expecting. I would visit your friend and tell her before anyone else, so she's not surprised by it or offended in any way. Sure she'll be upset but what happened is out of your control and hers as well, so nobody is to blame. It's a difficult situation but one I'm sure your friend will understand and accept it, and in time be happy for you.
  3. I would go about what you are going to do and try not to let this affect how you feel. I think addressing her issue will make the matter worse. It is something personally that she unfortunately has to deal with but it should not diminish your hapiness at all but I understand how you would feel that way. Maybe you could refrain from telling her directly. If you are planning on calling and telling friends about your pregnancy then maybe leave them off the list out of respect for her. I am sure in retrospect she will understand, as she is dealing with her own issue right now. Congratulations !
  4. can anyone else help?
  5. well i was in a similar situation however my friend can not get pregnant. i just love her like a sister. so when i called her and told her she was happy for me but then also sad too i think for them. however i will say since then she doesn't really ask, i don't talk about my appts, shown her my maternitty pics etc. she told me she just can't handle it. she didn't even ask how my baby shower went. i understand to a point but i'm also a firm believer to be happy for those even when you are going through difficult circumstances. it's not as easy for her. so just be prepared for her to have to have time. my friend still needs time and it's been 7 months.
  6. I might do what someone else said and tell her first. Tell her how sorry you are for her loss but please do not let it take away from you happiness. You did not in away cause her miscarriage nor could you have prevented it. M/C is a terrible thing for any woman to go through. I am sure she will deep down be happy for you.

  7. ITA. Good advice.