Help needed !!!

  1. Hey all ladies out here..... I am a guy and i need all of your help..... Since ladies generally are better at this stuff......

    I am thinking of getting a LV bag......... My 1st actually...... I hope to be able to use it in school or hanging out with friends...

    So which bag should i get???
  2. May I suggest the following bags:-

    1) Monogram - Abesses
    2) Damier - Bastile
    3) Damier Geant - Pionier
    4) Taiga - Viktor/Alexei

    You can go to Louis Vuitton: luxury leather luggage, French fashion designer and search for mens collection and specifically the bags with the above names. BTW, I am a guy. :smile: Welcome.
  3. the taiga is a gorgeous line for men
    i like the damier line better for men then monogram..maybe its just me, seems more masculine then mono
  4. I agree. To me, the damier line is more masculine for a man than the mono line. :smile:
  5. i like the taiga
  6. Something Utah.
  7. I think bag in canvas will be better for shool than leather. Maybe messager or compagnion in damier geant. I'm guy to! Hello
  8. You should look for deluxeduck's collection in the Showcase forum - he pretty much has all the man bags that are awesome by Louis Vuitton ! :biggrin: