Help needed..

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  1. Hi Im after the dior mini gaucho I know im most likely a year or so late, ive been browsing the forum & i absolutely am in love with it!

    Anyone know if its possible for me to buy & if so from where?

    Thanks Guys!
  2. Lamissy thanks il have a look.. Theres not any on ebay in the uk :sad:
  3. #4 Aug 21, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2008
    yeah very limited on ebay uk .... I sold mine a few months ago and I regret it now lol

    I miss it sooo much! It was beautiful
  4. Lamissy lol damn im a few months to late! lol wonder if anyone else is looking to sells theres
  5. only have the medium, large and tote ...
  6. BTW the Seller from the ebay auction ships abroad at $36.35 so it might be a good steal
  7. Ive got my heart sit on the mini one as im only mini myself lol :smile:

    What do u think of these 2 bags they are on the website I like both..
    small white dior lovely polocgon they got it in white n black also the black called Black Ultimate Zipped Polochon!
  8. I like both but I do favour the Black Ultimate it looks so sophisticated and its a newer style..
  9. All the Guachos are at the outlets ...... for very good prices totes, extra large, crocs the whole lot!!!
  10. Lamissy do u know what outlets? I only known of one in oxford bicester..
  11. I think she meant outlets in US ;)
  12. bah it's so unfair! those of you in the states get the best deals!!!! :P why hasn't anyone snapped it all up and put it on ebay? there's only a reaaally limited selection available now...

    anyway malika, i hear your pain. but from what i gather from the resident experts (ps: you guys are the best!!), i think ebay's the best bet for the likes of us :smile:
  13. I am sorry I wasnt clear I mean the one in Oxford UK its...the yhad a few brown romantiques left, many gauchos and others its was great to see the extra large black tote (the one Heidi Klum has) it was huge...

    I will help you Malika .. the mini were only £300 the totes were £500
  14. biblipole I know they are so lucky! here in the uk we hardly get good deals apart frm the outlets which I havent been to in a while but ive got Lamissy on the case so fingers crossed..

    Lamissy thanks hun check your pms