Help needed

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  1. I cant seem to post pics and the link dont work..
    The name is the Monogram watercolor Im after this in speedy 25 assuming it comes in this style..
  2. No, there's none in 25.
  3. No the smallest they make it in is the 30.
  4. Oh no :sad: thanks girls for ur quick reply..
    Do u know what styles they do the speedy 25?

    Also if you could attach pictures
  5. Monogram Canvas, Damier Azur,/Ebony, Epi


    Pictures were taken from the LV Site.
  6. For your first LV, I would get the classic Monogram Canvas Speedy 25. It's what Audrey Hepburn carried!!
  7. I agree. The Monogramm and the Damier Ebony are the classic patterns. I would get one of them.
  8. Which bag is that?

  9. The brown one with the LV's on it. :smile:
  10. Go for the Damier Azur Speedy 25! It is really cute and unique.
    Although the Monogram Speedy is classic, it is also very common.
    Try something that stands out !Good luck choosing.
  11. Mikatee thanks im not a huge fan of the monogram,I know I want a speedy but im not sure what size to get wanted the 30 originally but because im only 5foot i reckon it would look a bit silly on me
  12. Not really big bags are really in. It depends on what you want to carry.