HELP needed!

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  1. I have someone who wants to buy my bag for a little less than my BIN (an amount I'm ok with)... however, because of the stupid ebay restrictions, I can't go in and edit the BIN so they can just buy it the normal way. They asked if I could send them an invoice through paypal, then they would pay, and I would cancel the auction. Are there any drawbacks to agreeing to this??

    Any help would be very much appreciated!! :tup:
  2. Ebay can consider it circumventing fees possibly. How much time is left on the auction?? Is it only a BIN auction?? If not the buyer could bid the amount you have agreed to accept and you can then end it early to sell to the top bidder. If you choose to do the sale outside of Ebay = be sure to include the listing number (item) in the description. Just BE ADVISED - that is a reportable action and if you have something go wrong - you won't get the seller's protection you would normally get if the transaction was via *bay. Good luck!
    HTH :flowers:
  3. I thought paypal still gave buyers and sellers protection for doing the transaction thru them.
  4. I still have over 5 days left. It's both an auction and buy-it-now. Forenfinal -- that's a good idea!! I didn't realize she could just bid up to a certain amount and I could end the auction... I'm nervous about going outside of ebay (this is my first BIG bag sale)... and that would make me feel a lot safer. Thanks!! :smile:
  5. They might ~ but it is still a transaction that is taking place outside of *bay and they are not getting their final cut of fees... greedy ba$tards...:rolleyes:

    shoppergrl can you not lower you BIN??? You should be able to since there is plenty of time left in the auction ~ Have you tried to revise the listing??? I would do what you can to keep it with *bay. If they place a bid - and you end early you can do a price adjustment on the invoice - or the customer can - just do a - or a + to get to the correct sale amount.
    GL! :tup:
  6. I think it's because I revised the listing 3 times - after that point, I was unable to change anything! :sad: I read somewhere on the forum that a revision is treated as a new listing?? And there's a limit on the number of high-end listings you can have? I wish I had known that before I edited - I would've been more careful with the listing to begin with!!

    Thanks for your help forenfinal! :smile:
  7. ^
    O I C

    I would just ask the buyer to bid and end it early to sell to the top bidder and then make the adjustment to the invoice. OR you can have the buyer put in the agreed price and if you know someone have the friend or outside bidder bid just under the agreed amount by like .50... then end it to the top bidder and you should be good to go.

    GL ;)
  8. I think this should definitely solve the problem. :tup: The buyer sounds nice, so keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly! Thanks again. :smile: