Help needed...

  1. Im a costume designer in my schools play Full Circle and I have found everyones costume except for the character Christa. This play takes place in 1989 in Berlin and Christa is married to a military figure. She is rich but tacky, trendy but doesnt dress well. If you ladies can give me some ideas (think late 1980s!), I would be so thankful! :smile: Also I dont know if this helps, but it is November in the play.
  2. maybe some super tacky leopard leggings with a oversized top--- BELTED(big wide belt)??LOL..UgH...HEHE!
  3. Very over-the-top and trying too hard. Think of what was stylish back then, and then over do it to the max LOL. I definitley agree with the animal print leggings lmao.
  4. That sounds great! Leopard print leggings will definitely get a laugh!
  5. the more shoulderpads, the better!