Help Needed

  1. Hi,

    I am new here but have a dilemma I was hoping to get some advice on.

    I recently purchased both the metallic black reissue 226 and the LE 2.55 reissue with pearls. However, I can only keep one as I am also waiting for an Hermes Kelly.

    Which in your opinion should I keep? I am smitten by both but want something that is going to be a classic and that I can use for years.

    Thanks for your input :yes:
  2. I personally like the metallic black reissue. :biggrin:
  3. ^^ I agree, and would keep the metallic black reissue.
  4. metallic black
  5. i would keep the metallic black reissue!!!!

    the LE with pearls is a little too complicated.
  6. Metallic Reissue
  7. Metallic.

    I may easily be in the minority but I didn't find the one with pearls at all attractive. I love Chanel pearls, love the 2.55 but together I just thought it was kind of ugly and a bit much. : S
  8. Another vote for the metallic black!
  9. Another reissue vote -- the pearl bag is too much IMO.
  10. I'd keep the metallic black.
  11. Thanks guys - need to think about this as I am leaning ever so slightly towards the LE reissue - I would be using it strictly as an evening bag and feel it fits the bill a little more.