Help needed!!!

  1. I'm getting a Chanel for the first time and i need help!!
    I saw a classic flap with new chain at the Chanel boutique in Singapore in brown leather and I'm absolutely in love!!!

    Can any one tell me if this bag is the distressed leather in caviar?? And if anyone have a pic of the bag in brown, can you post it. This is the Pre fall collection and i'm sooooo tempted to get it.

  2. It looks like caviar to me.:yes:
  3. Thank you so much Smoothoprter!! I'm sooo losing sleep over the bag!! I'm going to get it!!!

    Any idea if what's the model? I still can't tell the difference between a 2.55, a reissue and this...
  4. yeap the picture shows a white version of Courtney cox black bag with the new chain, maybe a smaller size, yes washed caviar, softer than the normal caviar...
  5. This is an east/west flap bag with mademoiselle closure and bijou chain in the new (softer) caviar.
  6. PBI...but notice how badly the diamond stitching is on the lower right? That's a seam too, not the flap part.
    Is that for real???
  7. thank you so much. you guys have been really wonderful!! :tup:

    Don't worry about the stitching Aimee, I got the pic off some random tread. Will be getting my bag from e store.

    This bag is retailing at S$3430 (approx US$2198)
    Does an east/west flap bag generally cost that much? Or have the prices gone up due to the hike??
  8. I am not sure of the e/w price of this bag....but they are more than the regular caviar. And is the distressed caviar with mademoiselle lock and new tarnished bijoux chain). Jumbo is $2595 and the medium is $2275 (regular caviar Jumbo is $2250 and the medium $1995). That should give you an idea. A regular caviar e/w is $1395 (so I would imagine you to add about another $300 to that?)
  9. cool. thks!!! Does't anyone have this e/w bag with mademoiselle lock and new chain? Post your pics pleaseeee... I will love to see it!!
  10. US$2198 for an E/W? That is way too much~
  11. I thought so as well... Anyway, I just made up my mind. Since it's gonna be my first chanel, I'm going for the classic 2.55 with silver H/W. :wlae:

    Retailing at S$3270 (Approx US$2000). It's that the price for a 2.55??

    I'm soooo excited!!! :yahoo: