Help Needed..


Dec 1, 2006
Hey guys.. i'm back !:yahoo: After 6 months of self-impossed ban, I'm ready for my next lv purchase.. But I'm in dillema which one to get. I would really love a shoulder bag right now.. So it is between BH or Neverfull.. So I need you help on this one.. :yes: TIA
May 7, 2007
Normally I'd vote BH, b/c I have one, but my best friend and I just were in Vegas and she purchased a Neverfull PM, and I have to say, its pretty darn cute. I tried on the MM. The inside is adorable.

the only thing I have against it, is that it has thin straps, other than that, I'd say the BH and the Neverfull MM are comparable.

If I HAD to choose, I'd say BH. - that probably didn't help haha. but I think either one you choose, you're going to love. (just get both ;))


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Nov 12, 2006
I *love* my BH, but right now I'm sorely wanting a Neverfull in damier... Here's my reasoning: The Neverfull can be opened like a tote or cinched to look like a BV, where the BH might have those little buckles on the side but honestly they don't change much. So from a form/function point of view I'd say go with the Neverfull.