Help Needed..

  1. Hey guys.. i'm back !:yahoo: After 6 months of self-impossed ban, I'm ready for my next lv purchase.. But I'm in dillema which one to get. I would really love a shoulder bag right now.. So it is between BH or Neverfull.. So I need you help on this one.. :yes: TIA
  2. Bh
  3. Bh
  4. The BH for sure!!!! I just think it's looks so much better than the Neverfull!!!
  5. Normally I'd vote BH, b/c I have one, but my best friend and I just were in Vegas and she purchased a Neverfull PM, and I have to say, its pretty darn cute. I tried on the MM. The inside is adorable.

    the only thing I have against it, is that it has thin straps, other than that, I'd say the BH and the Neverfull MM are comparable.

    If I HAD to choose, I'd say BH. - that probably didn't help haha. but I think either one you choose, you're going to love. (just get both ;))
  6. BH
  7. Congrats on sticking to your ban! I prefer the BH because of its squared-off shape and thicker straps.
  8. I *love* my BH, but right now I'm sorely wanting a Neverfull in damier... Here's my reasoning: The Neverfull can be opened like a tote or cinched to look like a BV, where the BH might have those little buckles on the side but honestly they don't change much. So from a form/function point of view I'd say go with the Neverfull.
  9. i love the neverfull's side straps. you can wear it two ways whereas the bh only one.
  10. Bh It's just perfect and it has a zip pocket and a cell phone holder.
  11. I vote for the BH. Let us know what u get.:smile:
  12. BH vote here! I'm not really a fan of the Neverfull... :s
  13. BH, i like that its a bit more structured and has the thicker straps, although the lining in the neverfull is TDF.
  14. Me too...Im even not liking it in the Damier....I vote for the BH...more substantial looking and so pretty....:yes:
  15. I vote for the neverfull .. it is such a cute bag .. I adore the PM:heart: