Help needed

  1. Hi everyone
    I was wondering if you could help me? I live in England and I am desperate to purchase a Vert d'eau city, and have not been able to find one anywhere. I have tried Harvey Nics in Edinburgh and Manchester to no avail. I need help! where else can I try to see if I can get one? I don't mind whether it is in the UK or if it can be posted out to the UK.
    Thank you!!
    Rachie xx:smile::shrugs:
  2. Maybe u can try to find out from aloha rag as i can't recall if they have take in this color...:p :p
  3. Yeah, Aloha Rag is good if you can't find it in the UK. They don't charge shipping and the customs charges usually aren't too bad. Try calling Selfridges and Harrods too though - they both carry bbags.
  4. Thanks for your advice, i'm trying everywhere i can think of to try and get one!

    Has anyone from the UK ever tried to order from BalNY, and if so, how do you go about it?
    Thanks :smile:
  5. Hi Rachie : I have not bought from bal NY but they do ship internationally and you have to pay the shippin costs from your end too. U can either call them directly or email them to check our stock availability. Once u have decide the style/color to get, they will need you to fax a copy of your credit card, a copy of your passport and a letter with you authorizing us to use your credit is the store number :
  6. U can call Louis: 03 232 98 72 or SN3: 03 233 86 33 in Antwerpen Belgium, they als schip inside Europe.
    Good luck FX:heart:
  7. There is also a Harvey Nichols in London and a Harrods. Good luck.
  8. In london Matches and Browns also carry Bbags. I was in Matches a few weeks ago and they had loads of bbags but mostly with GH.