Help needed -- would you return this purse?

  1. I bought a beautiful tan leather Miu Miu hobo on sale from Net-A-Porter. I absolutely love the bag but unfortunately it came with several small marks on it. The worst is on the bottom of the bag -- it looks like someone poked a pen into it, so there is a small black mark with an indentation (I tried to upload a photo but my computer is not cooperating). I waned to exchange it but NAP has no more in stock and I can't find it anywhere else. NAP will give me a 15% price reduction, which gets it down to just under $500, or they will let me return it. So what would you do --- keep a purse that you love but has some flaws (and enjoy getting a deal on a Miu Miu -- I will never be able to afford another one at their current prices!) or return the bag and put the money towards another bag? Here is a picture of the bag in oraange (mine is tan).
  2. I'm guessing the marks are on the outside? Is it possible you might be able to clean it to get the pen marks off? Indentations would probably not bother me, but the pen marks would. If knew I couldn't clean it I would probably return it.
  3. I was in a similiar situation a while ago and it really bothered me at first that the bag had some small marks on it and I thought I wouldn't be able to get over it but as I used the bag, I completely forgot about those small flaws. I think if you really love this bag, you will probably forget all about the flaws eventually and the 15% discount helps too. If you don't think you can see past the flaws, then definetly return the bag and buy another bag. It is a lovely bag though.
  4. I'd keep it - but if the flaws will bother you forever, then you should return it.
  5. I'd return it.
  6. see if you can get a better discount ask to speak to a manager tell them how upset you are, how can they send you a used bag that was probably a return and not check the condition of it before selling it to another customer.
  7. I would return it. $500 is still a good chunk of money. I would expect the bag to be perfect, regardless of whether or not it was on sale. Those marks would drive me absolutely nuts...but I am quite anal about my bags. If you can't afford another Miu Miu right now, save that money and put towards another bag.
  8. ^^I agree! I would return it as well. Although I would hate to pay for shipping...
  9. Hmmm, tough one.
    Would you spend more $ on other bags?
    If so, then return it and save towards another bag that you will love - cuz lord knows they will pop up!
    BUT - if you really LOVE the bag, you'll use it and before you know if, you won't ever think about the pen mark or indentation...which may loosen up with use and time.
    Another way of looking at it - the bag has already been through a "rough time" and you may be a bit more relaxed and carefree about carrying it and will use it often cuz it's not in "pristine" condition......
    Hope this helps and good luck ;)
  10. I'd return it. Even if I loved it I wouldn't be able to accept the fact that the bag has obvious flaws. If I had caused them then fair enough my bad, but if you bought it with pen marks etc you have no idea how they got there, or whether the bag was first purchased by someone else who marked, then returned it.

    If you're going to spend $500 on a bag it's gotta be worth every penny, that's my opinion anyways.
  11. Call them back - maybe they have another to exchange, no matter how much $$ you spend on a purse you should be happy with it
  12. I've done this before and ended up obsessing about the flaws. I would send it back.
  13. Return!! I want any flaws in a bag to be my fault, or to be disclosed before I buy it (e.g., used on eBay or Ann's).
  14. I would really worry about the on the bottom since you will never see it. So I guess it depends on how bad the other marks are. If the marks don't bother you then keep it, but if you will always look at them then it's worth waiting around for another deal. Don't keep it just because you don't think you will ever be able to afford another Miu Miu bag. There will always be another bag that will come along that you will in love with.
  15. hi!, i think it depends how you "feel" about your belongings. Trust your instincts. For example, if it were me, that would always bother me. It doesn't matter it's the only one left. there are plenty and will be many to choose from. If the money is a concern, that it is discounted and you still love it, will want to use it all the time, great. But, if that five will be better spent waiting for one you'll love again and is in pristine condition... you might want to bag out.