Help needed with quilted clutch.

Apr 7, 2020
Hello everyone,

Today I received a bag that I’ve had my eye on for months- the Large Touch Quilted Clutch. I love this bag, however upon further inspection I saw that the flap corners looked worn/scuffed even though I purchased it brand new. Should I exchange it, or is this just par for the course given that it’s constructed of quilted calf leather at a sharp point? Does anyone else have this bag? Should I be concerned with more wear?

thank you! FF5F68A4-AFB3-44A1-882B-E57A44036926.jpeg 833C8412-D785-4E46-8B55-0AC8F29264F0.jpeg 7315561A-BC3E-4269-8E88-B347F56AC28C.jpeg