Help needed with my Miu Miu bow in Quarzo!

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  1. Hello, everyone!
    I have used purse forum for a while but this is my first post.

    I just need some suggestions whether I should keep my bow or not.
    I purchased mine in quarzo in August and since then, I barely used the bag.
    probably around 2-3 times.
    I love the bag (i wanted it so badly for about a year!)
    but I find it difficult to match with my style.. I wear casual a lot.
    Since im still a student, I have to carry folders, textbook, etc.. I just don't have time to enjoy her enough.

    Can anyone help me how I should sell it? (price, website)

    ps. I couldnt take nice pictures like everyone :sad:

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  2. Hey, I live in Vancouver too! Hmmm, you can list it either on Ebay or Bonanza. Price it according to how much it was originally purchased for and how much wear and tear there is (if any). Or what I've done before is checking to see how much others are selling it for and guage your price from there. But honestly, I think this is a great bag and you should keep it! :smile: Maybe use it on weekends when you're out shopping or when you're out having dinner with friends/boyfriend... Hope that helps.
  3. I agree with mixtress, keep it! You wanted it for so long so you must love it, like the style and colour... It´s too sad if you feel like give it up only after 2 month, only because you don´t have time to use her enough!

    This bag is a long time keeper to me, classic and classy colour and style, shouldn´t be very hard to match with jeans, a neutral dress or whatever - it would last for years so even if you can´t use it more often than during weekends and so on, right now, maybe you can in the future?:smile:
  4. Unless you desperately need the money, I wouldn't sell it. I mean go with your personality when it comes to having excess handbags. I have a lot of bags but I don't sell any because if I love them, I'll use them one day when the situation is right!

    If you still love it, keep it. If you're over the style, then sell it. One day you'll graduate and find yourself in different circumstances.
  5. Why don't you think it matches your casual style? I actually think this is a great bag for casual day-to-day wear without being too slouchy, adds a bit more of a kick. I love bows! She may not fit folders & textbooks, but she can fit other student things like pencil box, calculator, smaller notebooks, water bottle!
  6. If you still would want to sell it, I would veery much like to buy it! I LOVE this colour, and can´t find it anywhere :sad: It would be easy to sell via ebay, and you can probably get the same amount you bought it for. :smile:
  7. First of all, thanks to everyone for your suggestions!

    And to Lumic,
    Yes, I decided to sell her. I was thinking about posting it on ebay or craiglist. I have never sold anything on ebay before, but it seems like there are a lot of fees that I have to pay. :sad:
    If you want her, I can send you more detailed pictures!
    I carried her few times ever since I posted this post.
    I don't know how to contact you directly..
    (It will be so great if you live in Vancouver too!)
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    Last edited: Nov 20, 2010
    I live in Norway, so you would have to ship it internationally, hope thats not a problem :smile:
    I am a new member here so I can´t get PM yet but if you want to sell it to me you can email me at and we can talk more about it. and yes to more detailed pictures! Have looked everywhere for this colour, so you could make me so happy now :smile:
  9. i think you can't sell on the forum except in the PF Marketplaza...
  10. Okay, I didn´t know that.
    If you want to list her at ebay, there should not be extra fees if you just use one picture. I would have bought her anyway :smile: There is a sellers guide at ebay which is very easy to follow. Hope you can consider this :smile:
  11. I have this bag in quarzo. My first and only miu miu :heart:

    I find it quite easy to match in the spring/summer time with cute floral dresses :smile: just avoid wearing jeans with it..I learned my lesson the hard way with color transfer on the back of my bag I can't get rid of! It doesn't matter much cause only I can see the color transfer :sneaky:
  12. Hi!

    I know there is no selling allowed here but I hope you can contact me outside of this forum by way of email. If you are still thinking about selling please send me more detailed pictures at . BTW, I live in Vancouver as well!