Help Needed With Leopards!!

  1. With all the dark clothing in my closet for fall and winter, I thought it would be fun to get a pair of leopard print shoes -- crazy, I know!

    Problem is, I've come across the following two pairs of shoes and I can't decide which one I want to eventually get. I like the larger leopard print on the 1st pair with the exposed platform, but I prefer the covered platform style of the 2nd pair.

    HELP, I'M SO TORN!! What do you all think? Exposed or covered platform? :shrugs:
    leop shoe.jpg leop 2.jpg leop shoe - CA.jpg leop 2 - vb.jpg
  2. I prefer the fist ones, the larger print.
  3. Definitely the first pair!
  4. Number 1
  5. First pair, for sure.
  6. I love the 2nd pair!
  7. second the 2nd pair
  8. both are gorgeous. Pick the one that brings a smile to ur face when u look at it
  9. i prefer the first pair!!
  10. first pair!
  11. Number 1!!!
  12. So late yesterday I managed to run over to Saks to see if they had received any new CL shoes ... and the first pair I posted (with the larger print) were sitting there! They are gorgeous IRL, but I wasn't able to try them on -- they only had one very small size left.

    The SA managed to locate both a 38 and a 38.5 for me at another store, which I should be receiving next week. I can't wait to see how they look on, and I will definitely make sure to post pics!!

  13. ParkAvenuePrincess, those leopard shoes are so gorgeous and classic!! :love::love: I just clicked on the link and can't believe how many great styles Kurt Geiger has on its website, particularly the round toe pumps.

    Do you happen to know whether KG ships to the U.S.? I looked through the website, but wasn't able to find this information. By the way, how do the sizes run in the KG syles, and are they comfortable?
  14. I love the first ones!