Help Needed with Finding the CHLOE "sixty" Patent Slingback Pumps!

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  1. I need a bit of help with locating a pair of Chloe "sixty" patent pumps/heels!

    I just bought a pair off ebay however they are too small for me :sad:
    I realise that these are last season and it may be hard to find them but if anyone can direct me to a website or store that has any left I would be forever greatful!

    I need a size 38 or 38.5 either one...and the style I am after is the "sixty" slingback with the chunky wooden heel and the shoe is peeptoe!

    Here is a link to the ebay auction I won:

    Any help would be very appreciated!!
  2. Thankyou goodmornin!!
    That website is a bit strange though because I forgot to mention that I am located in Australia and when I select Australia as the country the price of the shoes doubles!!

    Were they available anywhere else just for price comparison?
    tia :smile:
  3. Just hoping to bump this up in case anyone has seen any around :smile: