Help needed with Cosmetic case

  1. Hi there

    I need your help! I want to buy either the mono or the damier cosmetic pouch. Now the thing is I use a lot of Mulberry bags aswell so I wondered which one I should get!

    Please enable me - anyone who has one would love to see pics:smile:

  2. Damier.. i love the red interior.
  3. Monogram especially the ones with the washable lining:tup:
  4. I must admit the red lining is swaying me - its gorgeous:heart:
  5. I have the mono, but love the damier too. I have a photo of capicity, but photobucket is down for maitenance. I will see if I can find it another thread.
  6. I love the Damier.
  7. Thanks for your help everyone - I have a few Epi accessories and I am wondering whether these will go better with the Damier?

    What do you think?
  8. I'd go with mono. I just love it much better than damier.