Help! needed with Black Pants!

  1. I have decided that I need to start investing in basics in my wardrobe that will last so i have decided to buy black pants and a white shirt for now, which type of black pant would suit someone who is 5'8 with wide hips and average waist. Should I go for wide leg or straight leg, here are the options:

    WIDE -


    Also if anoyne sees any others on NAP that they think will suit my shape dont hesitate to tell me! THANKS:heart:
  2. anyone?
  3. The wide legged ones are sold out now, so I couldn't see them. I personally prefer something not quite as slim as the Marc Jacob pants, but I think you'd be better off going in person and trying a wide variety of styles. Unless you're really familiar with a line (and the particular style that you want), the fit can be very hit or miss.
  4. ^ thanks. The helmut lang ones are still avalible in all sizes, maybe they are sold out on the US site?
  5. I am not a fan of MJ slim pants, at least for work. I think a classic trouser is better if you're sinking all that money into a pair of pants at least then it will last you longer. Have you tried Theory? They have the best pants, in my opinion!
  6. Theory does have great pants - for both men and women.
  7. Ditto!