Help needed!!! which season does this baby spy belong to?

  1. Hi...

    I've found this baby spy on sale. I'm just curious abt the season that this one belongs to. How much does it cost when it's first released? What is the material? Is it PVC?

    I've never used baby spy before. Is it roomy?:rolleyes:

    Tnks a ton...:heart:

  2. It's the splamati baby spy. The bag is fabric coated with PVC. I've seen the regular IRL and in my opinion I must say that I really did not like it. The season it belongs to can be found in this link that Lit put together.

    UPDATED Fendi Spy Bag List
  3. I'm honestly not totally sure about the season. GayleLV has this bag in the full version so you might ask her.
  4. I could be totally wrong here but I'm thinking 2005 spring?
  5. SS 05 was the first season of the spy... i don't think it's that old, but i could be wrong.
  6. I have this bag - it's from S/S 06. I love it, but I sometimes wish I had gotten the big one.
  7. thanks for the info
  8. helllloooooo, where is this bag on sale????
  9. Yes, a baby spy is very roomy imo. I don't have that exact one, but I can fit a lot of stuff in mine, all the essentials and then some.
  10. Julz, I'd probably call the Fendi boutique. I don't know of anywhere online that has it at this point, but I wouldn't be surprised if the boutiques still have it around. I saw a carry-on luggage in the Paris boutique back in March in the Spalmati print.
  11. Fendi never carried the Spalmati. It was made specifically for outside retailers.

    The only reason I know this is because I had to drive to a Bloomingdale's in Jersey to pick up my bag because that's the only place I could find it - after calling Fendi in the city and here on LI I called Bloomie's and they located one for me. This was like, last March.

    I actually took the baby one because I didn't think I could pull of the big one, but I lust after the big one all the time now. I'd sell mine or switch for a big one any time.

    Good luck - keep checking eBay and AFF. One might pop up.
  12. Well, I definitely saw it in Fendi Paris in March.
  13. Yeah the first and only time I saw it in the Singapore Fendi Boutique in the Shaw tower a few years ago.

  14. AFF? whats that?
  15. I think AFF= Ann's Fabulous Finds